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Ed has been working with and helping people in one form or another for over 25 years.  An an entrepreneur Ed brings with him extensive and varied experience of working around the world in different industries and cultures.


Starting his career as a barrister in London in the mid 1990's, Ed became a headhunter over 20 years ago. He moved to Sydney in 2001 to set up his first legal recruitment business EA International.  Opening EA's Delhi office in the mid 2000's as the first of its kind in India.

Ed sold EA in 2010 moving back to England with his next business a Saas recruitment platform and community for financial and professional services which had roots in behavioural profiling.  Returning to Sydney in 2012 Ed started consulting to SME's and technology start ups in Asia while embarking on a personal journey of awareness brought on by a fluke discovery of cancer. Taking time out to repair and recharge Ed learned about nutrition, meditation, human behaviour and how to change disruptive patterns - to enjoy a more simple and uncluttered life.

Within a year he and his wife founded a fashion and e-commerce business later moving to the rice fields of Bali to be closer to their factories and to practice a healthier way of life where they lived for eighteen months. 


Having spent 2 years in England Ed and his family now live back in Sydney where he advises the next generation of start ups and leaders in Australia and beyond. The Human Consultancy was borne from the knowledge that regardless of technology business is built on its people and that people need to come first, to be nurtured and respected and that their career, interests and needs will change over time.  

Ed and his family live in Sydney, Australia where you may well find him elbow deep in making raw chocolate and interviewing future and existing leaders who are changing our planet for the good on his podcast. 

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Delivering world class career and life training through e-learning, seminars and workshops.

Ed Andrew founder of The Human Consultancy. 

"I sought to create a business, a community, which focuses on the human side and one which inspires great people to thrive and to achieve great things. To combine my business knowledge and personal experience, in helping people balance their career and shape their future.  A business which has at its heart compassion, gratitude, integrity and most importantly giving back.


This life is too precious to waste on something that we have little or no enjoyment from. I have seen many people who love what they do even with very little and also many people who have everything but feel they have nothing. My aim is to help you find the career or business that best serves you and enables you to enjoy your life to the full." 

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