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“if we can inspire kids to engage with nature at a young age - their respect for the environment changes as well, you have the ability to create real change......children can and must be part of positive change"

Takeaways from Ed Andrew talking with Jon Dee.

Jon Dee is a social entrepreneur, environmentalist, author and founder of Planet Ark with Pat Cash, host of Smart Money which aired 115 episodes on Sky tv on business sustainability, and Australian of the Year (NSW 2010).  Jon was also behind Rock Aid Armenia, has helped to build a school of 220 children in Armenia, has fronted campaigns such as banning plastic bags, incandescent light globes which saved more than $5.5bn in energy bills and with Olivia Newton-John founded One Tree Per Child which they have taken to the UK with the City of Bristol planting over 50,000 trees to date.  Jon has also published three books on business sustainability and is about to launch a podcast.    

Jon discusses with Ed Andrew what is happening in the world of electric cars, especially in China, how the political landscape in Australia is not helping, how to create, build and execute environmental campaigns, how this can be done with or without celebrity endorsement, how business is adopting sustainability plans and recognising that this directly impacts their bottom line.  He discusses in length the One Tree per Child campaign and having Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs as an ambassador and how children working together in community projects provides a new generation to help sustain our planet for the future. 

"the very first 100 kmh car was in 1899 and was battery powered"


  • Electric vehicles in China - Shenzhen in China has 15,000 electric buses

  • In Norway one third of all vehicles are electric of some kind

  • Discussing how in Australia there is a lot of ignorance at a political level about how electric vehicles can help

  • Electric buses in Sydney airport save $300,000 each. DHL, Deutsche Post and electric vans. (16.35)

  • How to implement a broader electric vehicle strategy

  • Elon Musk, Tesla and busting the myths of electric car ownership (17.35) 

  • One Tree per Child with Olivia Newton-John fronting the first 10m trees (21.20)  

  • Working with Kevin McCloud in the UK as their ambassador (24.55)

  • Sir Tim Smit and the Eden Project and getting children involved (27.15)

  • How to implement environmental campaigns - banning plastic bags in Coles Bay, Tasmania and through to the UK (30.35)

  • 9 billion less plastic bags and 90% reduction in plastic bags use in the UK (33.35) 

  • How children can make an impact in environmental campaigns, holding politicians to account, the Wijsen sisters from Bali and banning plastic bags. (36.15) -- “child can and must be past of positive change” (35.15)

  • His books on business sustainability, more than 130,000 copies (38.35)

  • Discussing the impact of his tv show Smart Money (41.15)

  • How to get business on board and ensure the legacy remains (42.05)

  • Women CEO's understand sustainability better than their male counterparts (43.45)

  • Banning incandescent light globes, working with Philips and saving $5.5bn in energy bills (46.15)

  • Being Australian of the Year (NSW) (48.20)

  • Working with Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Dustin Hoffman, celebrities who are committed to their cause (50.30)

  • Planet Ark, Pat Cash, and Olivia Newton-John (50.55)

  • Maintaining and growing your business and personal network (52.20)

  • Discussing his journey in the music industry with Elton John, George Michael, Pink Floyd, Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen and Rock Aid Armenia, remaking Smoke on the Water (52.30)

  • Sir Richard Branson and getting endorsements (57.30) Richard Branson - how to get your message out.

  • His mentors and how to find them, Vangelis, Tommy Vance, John Elkington and Nigel Tuersley. (63.40)

  • Broadcasting and launching a podcast (67.30)

  • Being inspired by an Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore and working with them on the release of the dvd in Australia and distributing 5m leaflets and free dvds to very school in Australia (72) 



  • Using the app Pocket and building his own


  • An Inconvenient Truth (Al Gore)

  • Energy Cut (Jon Dee)

  • Sustainable Growth (Jon Dee)

both of Jon's books can be downloaded for free

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