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all human systems have a legal context, and if you want to effect change that is where you go"

Takeaways from Ed Andrew talking with Aileen Schultz.

Aileen Schultz is the co founder of the Global Legal Hackathon with 5,000 participants in 40 cities around the world, she is also a director of Network Intelligence for Integra Ledger in Canada which is blockchain for law company. She talks to Ed Andrew about access to justice, how the blockchain can help protect identity theft and can help to prevent human trafficking. She discusses how the principles of social physics have helped to expand the hackathon around the world, trying to solve real world problems and only for creating good.

Aileen considers her work in law and technology more as a life choice than a career and she is passionate about solving the problems not only the business of law but also access to legal service and access to justice. The hackathon is a means of bringing a community together for one purpose and to collaborate.


  • Getting influencers on board for campaigns and get lobbying - human trafficking and a lack of public awareness, influencers/celebrities can help to break down stereotypes (3.45)


  • the core aim of the hackathon, moving a global community for a global change in legal systems, a chance to collaborate and create a universal solution to provide a protected identity for everyone on the blockchain (8.20)


  • how to create protected identities on the blockchain (11.50)


  • how the hackathon was created with co founder David Fisher of Integra Ledger (13.50)


  • The non deliberate impact of social physics on scaling the global community - what social physics is, how it was coined by Sandy Pentland of MIT (15.50)


  • the mission of the hackathon to create access to legal services and to improve the business and practice of law, creating global exposure, visible to potential investors, social innovation and funding


  • platforms such as IBM Watson, but it was not a blockchain centric event, any solution and any platform with a focus on any tech area (24.30)


  • on developing other programs in 2019 large and small, this was built in 2 months (26.00)


  • her role as Director of Network Intelligence at Integra, mainly ab academic area, using social physics to commercialise it, a detailed explanation of social physics and how you affect change in the world and in your own personal systems (28.20)


  • social physics and re-wiring the brain for good, but can also be used to re-wire human systems and can be used for good and be exploited (31.10) and (32.50)


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