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money is not important but everything in life which is important requires money - bet your future on probabilities not possibilities"

Takeaways from Ed Andrew talking with Ron Malhotra.

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Ron Malhotra is the Founder of 'The Successful Male', he is a an Entrepreneur, International Speaker, an Influence & Success Expert, Award-Winning Wealth Planner, Leadership Trainer, Radio Host and a Best-Selling Author. Ron talks to Ed Andrew about wealth planning, behavioural finance, neuroeconomics and the training programs that he is running for men to enable them to thrive in every aspect of their life. We discuss how financial freedom is so important and that it is available to everyone but very few people really understand how to grasp it.  Ron also talks about creating positive mindset and how breaking patterns takes repeated practice but is available to everyone.

Ron has dived deep into the psychology of wealth and he explains how he has invested over $250,00 in his own personal development training with world experts such as Jack Canfield.  He talks from the heart and gives an articulate and eloquent appraisal of why creating your financial future and freedom is so important and how destructive it can be when you don't ask for help. Ron shares his own personal journey in an insightful and frank conversation. 

  • The psychology of creating wealth and he can predict how people would end up financially based on their thinking (2.20)

  • Understanding behavioural finance, neuroeconomics, neuroscience and mindset of wealth, how he spent 10-11 years researching the psychology of wealth. (4.10)


  • The evolution of The Successful Male (5.40)


  • How most people don’t understand the principles of earning and growing money, how people do not want to talk about their finances (10.50)


  • The lack of faith in the financial services industry based on the lack of positive media around wealth creation(11.20)


  • The multiple strategies to create wealth (13.50)


  • The rules of business and the rules of investment are very different, running a competent business is the super highway to wealth (21.20)

  • The three areas where mistakes are unacceptable (26)


  • Philanthropy and working in India (27.30)


  • Neuroscience, awareness, mindset and belief systems (29.20)


  • Fulfilling our purpose and maximising our potential, all about magnification (38.50)


  • His personal trigger for transforming his own life and way of thinking (40.10)


  • Why he set up the successful male, on what the movement is, where men need support, the 27 elements in his program (44.20)​


  • On mentoring he has been mentored by the very best, over $250,000 on education himself, the two part criteria for a mentor (53.50)

  • Commit to your growth, make it a daily habit to learn about yourself every day, and you will be unstoppable (61.20)


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Lead for Gods sake - Todd Gongwer

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