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entrepreneurship is about decision making and solving problems but you have to figure out a way to make money from it"

Takeaways from Ed Andrew talking with Anthony Wright.

Anthony Wright is the founder of Lexvoco a hybrid law firm and law tech business headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with over 150 staff in 8 offices. Anthony is a trained lawyer and accountant turned entrepreneur. He gives a candid interview about how he started out on his entrepreneurial journey and his slightly non conventional reasons for entering law and finding his passion. 

This episode is aimed squarely at lawyers and law students considering how to make the most of their career and which paths to take, how businesses like his are both disrupting and supporting the wider industry. He discusses his plans for opening in Japan and how he will consider any new market provided he has the right person who shares his values behind it.  He talks about entrepreneurship and what it means to him and his love of mentoring young people and his own foray into being mentored by someone younger than him.


  • The why behind Lexvoco, loving law but not 5 days a week and wanting to be his own boss (1.10)


  • Why it is important to surround yourself with people you enjoy working with (3.45)


  • Creativity and what entrepreneurship means, lawyers don’t often have to solve the problems themselves, it how it is different being an adviser rather than a decision maker (6.00)


  • On in house lawyers and they see so much within the organisation but they cannot make the decision themselves (7.45)


  • How to move into the business side - the mindset of the commercial side (9.00)


  • Why law departments come to them as opposed to a law firm, their services and understanding pain points (12.10)


  • Discussing his background (16.45)


  • Who to talk to and figuring what career path to take  (19.30)


  • On passion and purpose - you need to have passion about what your are selling, what problems are you going to solve for them, a strategy for monetising it (23.15)

  • The type of lawyer they are looking for and their model (25.45)


  • The core skills between private practice and in house lawyers - being able to advise on the spot, commercial understanding of that business and industry, need to be quick and responsive (30.45)


  • Opening in Japan and opening any new office - share same values and all about people (31.45)


  • On books, podcasts and leadership, (33.45)

  • On mentoring and being mentored, enrolled to become a formal mentor for young women  in Victoria (35.45)

Suggested Books


Don’t die with the music in you by Wayne Bennett

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