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“if you don't have a sales resource in a start up then the founder is the sales resource

Takeaways from Ed Andrew talking with Warwick Walsh.

Warwick founded Lawcadia, a lawtech business, in October 2015 in Brisbane Australia. Warwick has over 15 years experience as a corporate lawyer, having worked at Blake Dawson Waldron (now Ashurst) in Sydney, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and Olswang in London and most recently McCullough Robertson in Brisbane. Warwick also has considerable experience in the Asian legal market, having advised numerous companies on investments and acquisitions in Australia in recent years.

Warwick is passionate about the lean start up philosophy and we talk in depth about the process of ideation, preparing for entrepreneurship and the multi-faceted skills needed to be a CEO and founder, which differs enormously from what was requires as a corporate lawyer.  He shares his insights on building his business, the future of legal careers, mentoring and leadership, and how he applies the principles of Build Measure Learn to all their strategy and products. Unusually his co-founder is also his wife who has a blue chip marketing background and he shares his insights on what it works so well for them and why some investors like it.

  • Explaining what lawcadia is, what it does and their clients, a 2 sided web based platform, sits between clients and law firms, procurement, legal project management and digital transformation.  (1.00)

  • His why and how - the ideation process (7)


  • The importance of a safety net and preparing for the issues of a new business (10)


  • Having the founder and entrepreneur mindset (13.45)


  • Ideation and market research, lean start up methodology (16.45)


  • Process of continuous improvement, keep going through the cycle and improve - huge advocate of that


  • On being a husband and wife team, strategic marketing, creating avatars for his product (19.45)


  • On Peter Thiel's book Zero to One, and on co-founders, employees, directors and investors (25.45)


  • On understanding how important the sales function (30.25)


  • What is next for Lawcadia and expanding overseas (31.45)​


  • The difference between early adopters and the early majority especially in B2B tech products


  • On mentoring having a supportive board of directors and outside advisers and friends (38)


  • Why law firms are so tricky to sell to (40)

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