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“with the right personal branding strategy you can change the way that you get work from finding it to being found"

Takeaways from Ed Andrew talking with Dr des. Natalia Wiechowski.

Dr. des. Natalia Wiechowski is the Middle East's leading Edutainer, an award winning keynote speaker and personal branding expert. She always makes sure that she combines her knowledge and diverse experiences with a big portion of humor in her keynotes and in her role as a Personal Branding Strategist. The German Doctor of Philosophy empowers individuals to portray themselves and their careers as brands, in order to stand out from the grey crowd - online and offline. With a social media following of over 136,000 individuals worldwide, the award-winning speaker walks the talk - not only in the world wide web but also on public stages, e.g. at the Global WIL Economic Forum, Hult International Business School and Middlesex University. 

Natalia talks to Ed Andrew about her own journey and spiritual awakening which led to her mission and purpose, why personal branding is even more important in the digital age, how spirituality and business can co-exist, why graduates are spending more time considering their own identity and making life decisions at an earlier age. Natalia explains how she went from being an academic to a business entertainer, her strategy for winning business and speaking gigs. We talk about her sabbatical, the types of social networking platforms she uses especially linkedin and coaching and mentoring. She has abundant intellect, compassion and above all humour.    


  • On why she moved to Abu Dhabi in 2008 (2.00)


  • On taking a 9 month sabbatical at 29yo and why graduates are now looking at their own identity and career path, asking painful but brave questions much earlier (3.40)


  • Why personal branding is even more important in the digital age and what it means (7.00)


  • Working with Bosch and why personal brand is important for them, on employee advocacy, ad how they found her. (10.45)


  • On building a corporate image and what they look for, learning from Robin Sharma, how business and spirituality can co-exist (14.45) (19.20)


  • On developing her personal trademark (the blue glasses) and why every great person has one,  showing people have I brain and am willing to use it (16.45)


  • The connection between stress and illness, how two motivational quotes started her journey (23.15)


  • Discussing her sabbatical - guru was Robin Sharma. The quote she lived by "you have a unique gift, your job is figure it out, make it awesome and share it with the world then you will die but with no regrets" (26.25)


  • Finding your mission, passion and purpose. (29)


  • Motivational quotes and social media - "you should only post it unless you live it" (32)


  • Social media platforms she uses and why, how Linkedin is the best choice for her.  (34)


  • Her strategy for business building and developing relationships, on approaching influencers (37.40)


  • The one thing she would change in the world - make sure everyone on the net gets a coach or mentor (42)


  • Why An Untethered Soul by Michael A Singer had such a profound impact on her and why she suggests it. (43.20)


  • On mentoring, and her favourite mentors Tim Ferriss, Oprah, Robin Sharma, Tony Robbins, Lewis Howes - the person that I will be in 5 years will be based on the books I read and the conversations I had (45)


  • The social experiment of a 10 day vipassana meditation retreat in Sri Lanka, and working with her coach Silke Glaab (48)


  • Her key takeaway message - “authentic is the new perfect” have the courage to be the true you.


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