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“you don't just become a coder, you are drawn to it, it is not fair to say to lawyers should become coders - these platforms are becoming so good and so intuitive that don’t need to be have to learn how to work with technology"

Takeaways from Ed Andrew talking with Nick Abrahams.

Nick Abrahams is the Global Head of Technology & Innovation for one of the world’s largest law firms Norton Rose Fulbright and is one of Australia's leading technology lawyers. He is a law tech co-founder in legal marketplace Lawpath, an angel investor, author and former professional stand up comedian. He has started and exited several businesses and took time out from his legal career to be a creative executive at Warner Brothers in Los Angeles and chief operating officer in the listed dotcom group, Spike Networks.


We talk about everything technology and innovation, ideation, agility, AI, AR and VR, blockchain and even the dark web gets a mention - twice! Nick is deeply involved in the Australian technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) sector as a lawyer, author, non-executive director, angel investor, speaker and entrepreneur.  Nick is highly entertaining and has a great insight into many of the world's pioneering technologies. Himself an innovator, he is pushing the boundaries of pioneering legal services using AI, blockchain and Augmented Reality. 

  • Why Canada has world class innovation and AI, and describing the blockchain (2.00)


  • On the different uses of blockchain, provenance, privately and for Governments (5.00) 


  • Why Augmented Reality is forging on ahead of Virtual Reality - and on delivering legal content using AR (8.00)


  • Application of AR in everyday life, creating AR content on smartphones, AR apps and Apple has its own AR platform,  (11.45)


  • Creating a 'world first' visual contracts for Aurecon, on the ideation behind it, identifying the pain points and trying to solve it (14.45)


  • On chatbots and founding law path, the ideation around it, automating legal for SME's. Building 'Parker' a privacy chatbot on Watson (18.30)


  • On building Parker within a global law firm and its applications. (23.45)


  • Build a 'world first' chatbot for an in-house legal team, Parker was smarter at the end of its first mission than at the beginning (25.45)


  • On AI and 'intelligence' we get to say whether it can learn, at the moment it is not self aware (28.15)


  • AI is becoming really intelligent - world no 1 Chinese Go player beaten by Deep Mind - on why that was a game changer (30.30)


  • On believing in singularity (32.45)


  • On AI and use within the court systems - bias issue in AI always comes up, as only as good as its programming. On Lex Machina and predictive data driven decision making (35.45)


  • On autonomous vehicles, Rio Tinto, TESLA, and legal morality affecting it, we are sliding to fully autonomous vehicles (39.30)


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