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if you are not healthy and happy you will not be a productive and successful worker, health and wellbeing must be your first priority at work and home "

"it is not just about upping and leaving but finding an avenue in the industry that you love - there are so many to choose from not just legal practice" 

Takeaways from Ed Andrew talking with Jerome Doraisamy.

Jerome Doraisamy is a 30-year-old author, ex lawyer, law lecturer and journalist from Sydney. He left legal practice to publish his first book, The Wellness Doctrines for Law Students and Young Lawyers, in October 2015. It peaked at #2 on iTunes and has been sold, in both paperback and eBook form, on all six continents.

He currently works as a journalist for Lawyers Weekly and Wellness Daily, and is also an adjunct law lecturer at The University of Western Australia. In his spare time, Jerome is an active blogger, reader, podcast listener and cake baker, and also plays multiple team sports every week, including indoor soccer, touch football and mixed netball. The Wellness Doctrines for High School Students is his second book, and was published in May 2018.

He talks to Ed Andrew about everything wellness at home and work, how we can improve stress management at work, where the employer and the employee has a responsibility, his own journey and breakdown and how there needs to be more help for students transitioning from high school to university.  In a frank interview he explains that stress, depression and mental health is not black and white and how employers need to run programs that cater to all needs not just a few.

  • Jerome describes how he moved away from legal practice into research and writing and on deciding to publish his first book the Wellness Doctrines as a self help guide to manage stress and mental health in young lawyers (1.45)


  • On suffering a major mental breakdown as a young lawyer and his love of the legal industry (3.45)


  • the background to his breakdown with issues starting in high school, how law did contribute to his ill health but already bringing those traits to the table (6.45)


  • How to ask for help -  having open and honest communication with those you love and trust in life (9.45)


  • The transition from high school to university and how he advocates for a gap year, on spending a year doing high school teaching in a remote island on Vanuatu - finding mentors, networking (13)


  • How to help your employees who are suffering mental health issues, they will not all respond to issues the same way, activities, benefits, wellness activities - not everyone will like it, recognition that whatever institution does has to cater to everyone across the board (17)


  • Taking individual responsibility for our own mental health and the path to recovery and help does does not have to be black and white (22)


  • On what the future holds post his second book launch and having a novel idea in his head (24)


  • When to say no to projects and discussing mentoring (28)


  • Discussing the books that have inspired him and why, 'Back from the Brink' by Graeme Cowan on mental health was the inspiration for his own book and  "And then there were none" by Agatha Christie a book he ready every year, as a brilliantly written ingenious whodunnit.


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Back form the brink book by Graeme Cowan
The Wellness Doctrines fo High School students book cover by Jerome Doraisamy
And then there were none book cover by Agatha Christie
The Wellness Doctrines book cover by Jerome Doraisamy
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