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what would life be like if we did the one thing we think about doing every day, seeing family, traveling, living with less, serving others, and seeing the country - so we did it"

Takeaways from Ed Andrew talking with Matt Gagnon.

After 15 years in the retail industry Matt had two major events in his life that set him on a course into entrepreneurship and coaching. The birth of his son and the death of his father.

Matt talks to Ed Andrew about his journey, managing stress, the power of open networking, social media influence and building community. When we spoke Matt had just packed up his house and family into an RV to travel around North America and live their life according to the values they always talked about.

"For 15 years I sold my soul to the corporate lifestyle. I missed birthday parties, family events, holidays, funerals, anniversaries...I was missing out on life. With having little to no boundaries at work, I burned myself out to the point I had to go on medical leave with several severe and life threatening health issues."

By the spring of 2015, Matt’s health issues become too complicated to continue his work in retail and this is where he started to focus on his health and building a new future for him and his family. Today Matt is healthy and is the founder of LifeStory Coaching & Development, LLC where he works with a variety of clients from work-at-home moms to NBA executives. Matt helps people achieve what they really, want to do in life; coaching entrepreneurs and corporations in transforming their work into a meaningful and profitable career. With a specialty focus in social media, specifically with LinkedIn, Matt built a network with over 30,000 connections, having built 70% of his business on that platform alone. 


  • on living his values and the 3 phases of his new life, packing up their home and moving into a RV, home schooling their 5yo son. (2.0)

  • transitioning out of the corporate world into coaching and having a new business (10.30)


  • *** 10.50 - stress and work, I failed my body - did not appreciate it and ran it well beyond its limits - it destroyed me - 


  • on setting boundaries and coping with stress - (13.0) 


  • on taking vacations and carrying habits over from one job into another (20)


  • tools to manage stress and depression, started to building a community again, volunteering - living a values based life, the things that bring out the best in you, not just about work (23)

  • on community and men's groups, open networking and challenge - “isolation for anyone is awful and especially for men, having a great community is a life saver for me and my wife, it is a non negotiable (29)


  • discussing closed and open networking groups (31)


  • how to diffuse situations on social media and protect yourself and not get involved, his one strike rule with detractors, (34)


  • someone will always challenge you, asking belief system and I love that because they may just reconsider it (39)


  • the secret listeners, and thoughts behind why people like and ‘no-one has to hit the like button to love what you wrote - sometimes you are making a change in this world but you may never know” (41)


  • no-one needs a catastrophic event for transformation to happen, it is the call to adventure that sets you on a new course to self discovery and awareness but does not have to be from a place of pain and suffering (45)


  • his suggested books and publicly speaking - (49)

Suggested reading and a movie




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