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the most important factor to staying in a healing state is not your diet and exercise but your relationship to your self - how do you feel about yourself every morning, are you stressed or do you love what you do"

Takeaways from Ed Andrew talking with Eric Remensperger.

Eric Remensperger is a lawyer, entrepreneur, speaker and wellness advocate based in Los Angeles. Eric has been a “big law” practicing lawyer for over 30 years, but for the last 20 years his passion has been all things relating to wellness.  Prior to moving from New York to Los Angeles in 1995 he went from a work-hard play-hard cigarette smoking wall street lawyer to a gym rat and then a serious biohacker.  The transition started in earnest in 1997 after he became the investor partner in a holistic center with a doctor of Chinese medicine.  His passion continued and he was, or so he thought, the healthiest 59-year old on the planet.  That all changed in June of 2016 when he was diagnosed with an advanced stage of prostate cancer.  This pushed him even deeper into this passion for health and wellness, and he did an incredible dive into all things relating to cancer, from the causes, to the therapies and interventions.  His ability to take a big picture perspective of a complex disease and filter out the signal from all the noise is amazing.  While he does not like to use the word “cure” (since, in his view it is a more matter of getting into a healing state, which he will go into), he was declared to be into remission 7 months after first being diagnosed.

Eric talks to Ed Andrew about his journey, the life changing moments and how his 20 year passion for wellness provided the answers when he needed them most. In a frank and entertaining chat we discuss a little bit of science, lots of nutrition and his quest (his new business and book the quest to cure cancer) to find the root cause of his illness in a mission to help others prevent the illness taking grip in the first place and to give hope to those who are suffering.  In brief to find joy in what you do every day at work and at home and that happiness and inner peace is the best antidote to developing stress induced illness.

  • getting into the wellness space 19 years ago, teamed up with a Dr of Chinese medicine - a transformational shift - at 59yo when he was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer (2.20)


  • on doing a deep dive into the cause of the cancer, being told that they can extend his life by 7 months (6.30)


  • time factor of recovery, medical costs and lack of insurance (12)


  • cancering and healing states of our bodies - we always produce cells which are malignant and die away - the goal is to talk consider incorporating alternative treatments with conventional treatment - goal is to get from cancering to healing and then stay there (13)


  • stress that causes illness from doing what you know is not right for you” I could no longer tolerate any of that the questtocure cancer is my passion (16.40)


  • finding joy in your day every day - telling young attorneys  ‘if you don’t love then don’t do it” as you get older if I die tomorrow is this really my legacy what I want to be known for - (22.20)


  • the most important factor to staying in a healing state is not your diet and exercise but your relationship to your self - how do you feel about yourself every morning, are you stressed or do you love what you do (25.00)


  • on his purpose and passion for wellness "I say things that I dont even know where they come from, it is effortless" (29)


  • discussing the root cause of his cancer and exploring different diets, fasting (33)


  • being in ketosis and the benefits of it (36.50)


  • how cancer cells consume 10x as much glucose as a healthy cell, (41)


  • on balancing the ph of your body through through breath work, not diet, “our bodies are designed to heal themselves and better designed than any doctor - the wisdom of your body far exceeds the wisdom of what is out there". Discussing Deepak Chopra and Quantum Healing (43)


  • on writing his book and - "I want people to understand that I have done the work but not a scientist or doctor - to serve 2 purposes - to get their bearings once they are diagnosed, not a death sentence, normal cells which have gone rogue, the trigger points, lifestyle changes to get a more positive outcome (45)



  • his first keynote speech on wellness and cancer at Healing Journeys in Sacramento - opening keynote by Nasha Winters - The Metabolic approach to cancer(51) 


  • recommended reading list on his website, David Hawkins, Power v Force, muscle testing (54)


  • on his 'mentors' Travis Christofferson, Travis book is Tripping over the Truth - good historical overview of treatment of cancer, Tom Siegfried  (55)

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