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everyone who works with people has a responsibility - it is not a hobby, make sure you respect that life and you have what you need to give the person a path and a map to go on their journey and be well equipped for it"

Takeaways from Ed Andrew talking with Omozua Isiramen.

Omozua Isiramen is an Emotional Mastery, Executive & Neuro Leadership Coach dedicated to helping executives, mid and top-level professionals and entrepreneurs live a life that feels good. She provides a unique set of tools and encouragement to help you live life on your terms and achieve the results you’ve been seeking and truly want.

While she has over 20 years experience as a working professional, five years ago a medically challenging period, illness and surgery left me on bedrest for two months straight. It wasn’t luxurious. It was excruciating.

Laying in bed unable to move, she had to examine her life, her childhood, and her mother’s death at the age of 19. Not just what happened to her, but really understanding who she was. She had never before been forced to think, “Who is Omo?

Omo is a wonderfully engaging and entertaining woman who has also mastered the art of story telling and she explains in her refreshing human and compassionate manner how her life has unfolded and she came about coaching, helping people with their careers and life, but her message is a profoundly simple one that everyone can change and get the help you need. As she often says 'no man is an island' - we all need help. Omo talks to Ed Andrew about her work and mission, and as you will tell Ed and Omo have developed a fantastic rapport about all things human.

Her journey has taken her from Wales to London, Nigeria, Germany, Spain and finally to Luxembourg.


  • discussing the Ripple effect and getting to know yourself better (1.30)


  • on the intention behind posting on social media, discussing the example of ultra athlete Tofe Evans and trusting in the process of change (5.30)


  • her journey into coaching, mum is a nurse and Dad is an accountant (9)


  • reaching out and asking for help (10.30)


  • discussing how high functioning trauma victims find meaning in their life or blot it out, build resilience and courage (13) 


  • how everyone has a rucksack and carry it around with you, how people hold on to things in life and how to let go (19)


  • how emotions come and go - “emotions don’t last long unless you hold onto them - what messages do these emotions have for you", it is just a question of perspective, how would other people see your emotions and perspectives (21)


  • creating a safe space to reveal and heal - “the observing version of you compared to the active version” - discussing running interventions in a corporate workplace (23.30)


  • on the deeper work and the goal we want to happen - “we can fix this with time and remembering we are human, often we forget we are dealing with humans” (31)


  • her coaching frameworks - teaching the ex President of ICF Luxembourg - "everyone who works with people have a responsibility it is not a hobby, make sure you respect that life and you have what you need to give the person a path and a map to go on their journey well equipped"  - discussing her ethical code and respecting the lives of those you teach(34 & 40)


  • the inner mind is like a chihuahua - we can fix everything it is a process - life process (44)


  • on mentoring and how she has a circle of 20 different mentors among them - have paid mentors and inspired by them, and have a unpaid mentor Rahila Khan - discussing how no man is an island - (46.30)


  • discussing how labels restrict so much, label cause suffering, people not prepared to deal with (50.30)


  • on the rising tide of human consciousness, technology and AI, "we are humans first and we cannot erase it" (53)

  • asking who am I and how can I change - "you can be human, this is on my mind, we need more of it - you do not need to be alone and hide or not speak up - it is ok" (55)


  • on her suggested books below and why - 56 Thick Face Black Heart - Chin Ming Chu - changed my life

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