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“the worst advice I ever received was 'you are perfect the way you are' - I knew I was not at my full potential, it just caused me more stress"

Takeaways from Ed Andrew talking with Mark Metry.

Mark Metry is the host of itunes top 100 podcast Humans 2.0 featuring leaders such as Seth Godin, Phillip Stutts, Chip Conley and Naveen Jain. The show is designed ​​to educate others to change their own lives and upgrade to the Human version 2.0 that is inside all of us.  He is also a 21 yr old serial entrepreneur and first generation immigrant from Egypt. He is currently founder of VU Dream , a growing and innovative virtual and augmented reality marketing & advertising agency based in Boston.

Mark founded a Minecraft server at age 15 and it went on to be one of the biggest servers on the planet. He stayed as the creative operations director of PPMC, started in 2013 until 2018, the #1 Pixelmon Minecraft server in the world. As creative director, Mark grew the company’s website to reach over 10 million users and 10,000 registered premium members. 

Mark and Ed Andrew talk about all things growth mindset, developing self awareness, his battle with weight gain and depression, his quest for a more meaningful life, how he started Humans 2.0 and the book that will be about the messages from his guests.  We touch on AR and VR though our talk centres on his own journey, awakening and his thirst for knowledge.  It is a fascinating insight into the mind of a 21 yr old, what drives him and searching for answers yet already a successful businessman and top ranking podcast host.   


  • the background to his podcast Humans 2.0, mindfulness, mindset, technological singularity - "it started it as a way to go out there and talk to people at the greatest yet most confusing time in human history (2)

  • how to start a podcast -his first 10 episodes from his AR/VR friends, having great connections, interviewing Seth Godin (9) and Jay Samit and building his audience (5.30) - how empathy helps to get the celebrity audience.

  • defining his podcast guests - he likes to have people who have walked the walk - done tremendous things, authenticity and how congruent their story is with humans 2.0,  change for the world for the better (13)


  • his strategy for researching his guests list (16)


  • starting his business at 15 and creating the world's largest minecraft pokemon server in 2014, over 9 months grew to $100,000's of sales - community marketing was intuitive to me (21.20) - how he used gaming to deal with his social anxiety (17.30)


  • growing a business as a 16yo and living at home - giving most of the money to friends family and charity (22)


  • his catalyst for change, he gained over 50lbs, was in a depressive rut and did not want to feel the feelings - the main thing that I am feeling is I am sitting here rotting away" (26)


  • travelling to Egypt, getting into bulletproof and getting his body into a state of ketosis, his epiphany at college and starting Vudream (29) -  starting Vudream really as a vessel for his own self development.


  • the immersion into a new way of life, discovering bullteproof, stumbled into different books videos podcasts - mostly about losing the weight - setting a structure for a morning routine - abusing hos body and recovering ( 36)


  • foundational shifts in people and explaining humans 1.0 and humans 2.0 (38)

  • "humans they get a glimpse of who they really are - once the brain is stretched in does not go back - those people are more sensitive they are able to not fully drown themselves and move forwards (41)


  • discussing his book based on humans 2.0, how episode 47 changed his attitude and discussing fixed mindset and growth mindset - he is not a teacher, more about learning (42) 


  • flow genome project - Steven Kotler NY time bestselling author - and helping with shaping his own book - “create your own mindset” (46)


  • challenge himself to being wrong and being open to being wrong - the future of his podcast, all about growth (52)


  • discussing his message about depression "who are you tomorrow is different to today, you can totally re-invent yourself. They all come down to one point - the part of you that wants to kill yourself, kill the part you don’t like, there is always room for growth


  • his suggested books and why, being irritated then inspired him Gary Vaynerchuk (56)


  • on mentoring (59)

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