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“maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything maybe its about unbecoming everything that isn't you so that you can become the person you were meant to be in the first place."

Takeaways from Ed Andrew talking with Kris Macchiarola.

Kris Macchiarola coaches emotional intelligence to Fortune 500 companies to be more productive and efficient, creating better human relationships. She brings with her 20 years in corporate America and a deep knowledge of psychology, with two post grads, and neuroscience.  Throughout her career, Kris has earned multiple sales, leadership, and peer awards.


She is the leader of a women’s group called S.H.E. Tampa. Kris is a LinkedIn Local Tampa (networking event) Co-Host. 

Kris is certified by Multi Health Systems to administer the EQ-i 2.0 workplace and leadership assessments, coaching, and training. Kris is also a channel partner for The Ken Blanchard Companies, a globally recognized organization that provides leadership development solutions to businesses.

We talk about the nagging whisper in her head that made her leave her stable job and pursue her own business, finding something which made her soul light up, her fear of failure of going out on her own, her own career battles, redundancies and how corporate America is beginning to understand emotional intelligence and self awareness but how often employees are not given the courses they ask for or the tools they need, how leadership starts with individuals not waiting for management.  Kris is a wonderful person and human, and how she is collaborating with another podcast guest Amy Lohr to teach emotional and spiritual mastery based on science and eastern practices to create online training for those who cannot afford personal coaches. 

Kris also shares her journey to writing her first book based on the conversations with women over 40, on life, love , work and family.  

  • on her 20 year corporate career and exiting the corporate world - "listening to the whisper nagging inside her head for a long time"  (2)


  • on her first major keynote in front of 300 lawyers on embracing vulnerability and how it increases productivity at work - (4)


  • discussing how far can you express your vulnerability at work (9) 


  • how to impact change in corporations - saying no to clients when it does not work - discussing workshops  - "if I can help one person out of 25 then I can live with that" (15)


  • how to create a safe place for a workshop - it starts with the power of one to change leadership culture (18)


  • what does survival look like in the workplace - creating the self awareness about behaviour (21)


  • transpersonal behavioural impact, and self reflection - explaining the concept of diversity walks - (24)


  • journaling - self awareness exercise and role plays - writing down your thoughts, journaling, having a plan, write down what you want to say


  • discussing empathy, how poor behaviour switches off empathy, using self awareness to assume goed intentions not assuming a threat (28)


  • on helping to give perspective and expectation (32)


  • discussing her collaboration with Amy Lohr on Zen EQ - why she created a course called Mindful Synergy and ZEN EQ taking the 15 skills from EQI and including spiritual healing and the science of emotional intelligence and start with self awareness (36)


  • explaining the principle benefit of her course, learning how to arm yourself with your emotions to help you be more successful at life and work - understand your triggers and, self awareness and self actualisation and self regard - defining self actualisation


  • on leaders impacting others around them - the one thing everyone wants is ‘stress management’ (43)


  • developing stress management techniques, self regard and self identity and her own vulnerability (48)


  • explaining her whisper - I lied to myself for a very long time - fear of walking away from golden handcuffs, fear of showing myself, taking the masks off (54)


  • projecting fears and living authentically (57)


  • discussing her book choices - Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, You are a Badass by Jim Sincero


  • discussing writing her book - series of interviews, one of her whispers, her passion project, not a novel, women in 40’s everyone makes them flawed human and fabulous (60)



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