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you don’t have to be perfect to inspire people you just have to show people how you deal with your imperfections.........obese people need to drop their excuses, I did get here I made bad choices, but I am not depressed I am a jolly fat man"

Takeaways from Ed Andrew talking with Sean Mulroney.

Sean Mulroney is a social entrepreneur and founder of the Obesity Revolution whose mission is let everyone with obesity or weight issues receive the medical, psychological, nutritional and exercise programs they need. The basic membership will always be free. Sean is is documenting his struggles and decided to be publicly held accountable for this journey in the attempt to help and encourage others. He was one of the worlds heaviest men at 678 lbs and he is also the host of Teens of America podcast a high ranking radio show covering every teenage angst from serious to light hearted.  Sean is a leading advocate for teenage empowerment.

Ed and Sean discuss a wide range of topics especially around the lack of social acceptance of obesity, how psychological and physical trauma can lead to chronic weight gain, where genetics come in and the stem cell work that his doctors are doing to bring to everyone with obesity. Sean is truly inspirational, incredibly warm, full of humour, and one of the people who will surely make an impact on the planet. 

Sean Mulroney experimented with drugs at age 6 and became a virtual test pilot for what kinds of drugs a person could ingest and still survive, and by the tender age of 13 was an addict. While watching his high school friends die from suicide and drug overdoses, Sean excelled as an athlete and a drummer in a rock band and felt he had escaped the negative consequences of his bad choices. Unfortunately, those consequences caught up with him. Now in his forties, Sean battles obesity and life-threatening diseases because of the choices he made decades ago. Now a billboard for poor choices, he travels the country telling his story and bettering the lives of thousands of teens. 

  • discussing the background to the Obesity Revolution and his programs (2)


  • how SAVE - social acceptance validates everyone is one of his catchphrases and how he lost  lost 105 lbs and being accountable (7)


  • how it took 5 years to get his mind in shape and the abusive background to his obesity(12)


  • on being asked to go on tv reality show and refused to lie about the reasons - they sensationalise these shows, all about food as it gets ratings (14.30)


  • the genetics of obesity and how his body changes, I am not a victim of what i did it was my habitat - getting a full work up - on this biochemistry - cannot change the genetics cannot change but can alter his rhythm (19.30)


  • 30% of people with obesity never leave home, 40% of adults in US, 63% in Australia are obese and 1/3 of all children are obese in North America (28)

  • BMI and measuring Obesity (29)


  • the birth of his third daughter Mackenzie and finding his trainer, trainers were told if obese people come to you then tell them to go and see a doctor - losing 100 lbs over 18 months (31)


  • discussing his programs, always have something for free to start with, videos just to get started and then paid and have an app (38)


  • social acceptance "I think we need the support encouragement and accountability is vital - the process is about being socially accepted" - empathy and sympathy "I ma so far out on the branch right now I cannot come back" (45)


  • the other illnesses which come with obesity and how the body copes with it "the body will attack the thing which is the biggest danger to you" (48)


  • discussing the look Listen and Learn principles, listen to the person, learn about people patterns 


  • on being the World's largest lab rate (51)

  • stem cell research, full body chemistry for him - Hormone replacement therapy - it was a miracle that he lost 105 lbs (56)


  • "you don’t have to be perfect to inspire people you just have to show people how you deal with your imperfections” (58)

  • his suggested books 'Who moved my cheese' by Spencer Johnson - the Five languages of Love and How to win friends and influence people (64)


Suggested reading





To contact Sean please click on the links below

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How to win friends and influence people.
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