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“a better tomorrow starts in our brains......a lot of brain optimisation starts with noise reduction, seeing what you brain does in real time"

Takeaways from Ed Andrew talking with Devon White

Devon White has studied human behaviour and human design for over 20 years and he is at the forefront of revolutionising the wider wellness industry. Devon is the ceo and co-founder of Field which uses neuro technology and neuro enhancement to upgrade your neural pathways, restore brain function to damaged areas and enable people to thrive and leave their trauma behind.


Devon is pioneering in his research and work, and has just moved out of R&D with two professors of neuro-psychiatry. Field offers retreats and one to one session though the aim is to take neuro enhancement into a clinical setting open to all.

He is a wonderful human who has his own story but he has amazing presence, an intellect, wisdom and awareness that is profound and he combines Eastern and Western practices. Devon shares his own insight from a young boy on a quest to study human psychology from every modality and how Field has helped restore 90% of brain function to his brother after suffering a serious head injury in a car accident.  

  • an introduction to the human operating system and neuro diagnostics (2)

  • working with celebrity A listers and top performers who wanted their ability to be optimised (3)


  • discussing his mission to distribute wellness at a much faster more scaleable rate (5.5)


  • explaining how the system works, how the scans works, what they can see (7)


  • "anyone who is having success must have built on past pillars of neuroscience psychology" - he has taken bits and pieces form all over the place - the essential systems of the human operating system (10.40)


  • discussing optimising your whole body system - "the best nutrition is matched to your genome and your epigenetic expression, the best stress is matched to that which makes you want to work or keep you away from things that are bad for you" (11.30)


  • the beginning of his journey - from age 13, first interest in meditation and yoga and consciousness, (13)


  • discussing restoring his brother's brain function after a serious injury and healing -  "people get to see what has been ruling their life for years and see that on a screen and have it become an objective thing" (18.30)


  • discussing a client's reaction - "I feel excitement for the first time in my life and did not even know what it meant" (23)


  • providing out of clinic support - how people can access the best version of themselves and making decisions based on being at their best (25)


"building the future that the imagined for themselves and when they are their best rather making decisions based on that rather than the history of their own limitations" (26.30)


  • creating new neural pathways (28)


  • discussing the difference and impact of pharmaceuticals and neuro enhancement, precision targeting and how "the best part of this technology is that it really transforms" - discussing homeostasis - creating a well formed system (32)


  • just in time suggestions, this is the stuff millennials want - and discussing Ray Kurzweil (37)


  • collaborating with as many people, how take home technology should be attainable in 5 years (40)


  • augmented intelligence as opposed to Ai - (41)


  • his favourite books - Clare Graves and Ken Wilber, 'Spiral Dynamics' (42)


  • on raising consciousness levels - I want to see what the brain of the Dalia lama does, let's use models of excellence in any field and then test it (44)


  • discussing the impact of trans personal behaviour - group settings/meetings and leadership, and his days hypnotising large audiences (47)


  • his martial arts teacher John Perkins and extraordinarily developed his brain is (50)


  • his message - new paradigm of wellness is about being generative to fix what is broken, about optimisation, what brings you the highest performance being the most open minded and open hearted (52)

Suggested books

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