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In this episode I talk about the changes to the podcast, moving away from law and more into #changemakers and those striving to move humanity forwards, for the good of our species and the planet. Of course some of those pioneers may still be lawyers and as the legal industry is close to my heart and in a civilised nation, laws are there to protect us, I may still invite some guests who are bring change to access to justice and social justice.

Technology is going to stay with us and artificial intelligence and machine learning will become part of our daily lives and as a tech founder myself I have a weak spot for technology where it seeks to improve our lives.


The other change to the podcast, still with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, careers, work and life is that in addition to the weekly guests I will also be introducing weekly content. Episodes where I will either suggest a topic myself or have a guest where we go deep down the rabbit hole giving you insight, tips, tricks and hacks on business, entrepreneurship and life from world leaders and pioneers in their fields with a singular mission to inspire you to learn and take action towards your own life goals.


This week, as the first day of 2019 fast approaches, I discuss goal setting and the main difference at least to me, between inspiration and motivation, leading to setting achievable goals and understanding the 'why' behind them.


I hope you enjoy the new format and am really excited to have you on the show with me.


As always if you have any suggestions for content of for a guest that you would love to hear from please just drop me a line at


thank you and have a wonderful 2019.


Suggested books.

This week I am reading Kintsugi by Tomas Navarro. There are few things that I need in life and so I always suggest books for Christmas and this is one from my wife.  I have only just started but I am enjoying it immensely and from everything else I have read it makes sense, at least to me, and is congruent with many of my own thoughts.  


You are either surviving or existing in life or living it and the premise is that the more you embrace life and live it to its fullest with all the obstacles and crises that come with it - building resilience along the way that you will be more prepared for the trauma that is sure to derail you at some. stage.


 It is about the importance of embracing your imperfections and finding happiness - The Japanese Way. 



Kintsugi a self help book on embracing life

Motivation is a reason that drives you to action.  Inspiration is something that you feel"

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