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“when you create change you need to look at all the people in the process, do you want to affect change or be effected by change "

Dave Clare is one of the world's foremost authorities on how to become a purpose-driven leader and enable organizations to drive profitability on purpose. Throughout his international career, Dave has led organizations and teams across multiple sectors and industries.

As an international and award winning coach, facilitator and sales leader, Dave know's what it takes to lead and build award winning organizations.  Many of his clients have gone on to win international recognition.

Dave is not only the published author of SIMPLIFIED, he is also the creator of the Leadership Framework©, the Circle of Organizational Leadership©, the  Model Business Canvas©, the Culture and Strategy Advance© and R.E.L.A.X.E.D. Selling©. 

Talking points with Dave Clare and Ed Andrew on human impact.

  • moving to Australia from Canada, via Papua New Guinea (3)


  • poor leadership and the global banking crisis, what irritates him about change management and CEO’s (7)

  • impacting change - what does it mean, what is the next evolution of the business (10) 

  • "you can affect change or be effected by change" what is the intention behind the change 

  • the business of the organisation is solving problems for customers (13)

  • VC owned businesses and asking epic questions to get epic results, the need to increase the output of the employees


  • discussing the most disruptive businesses - unhappy consumers are your new competitor (17)


  • his bigger picture goal is to impact millions of people around the world, picked SME’s as a target niche market


  • doing free gigs as part of a wider strategy to win business, working with Rare Birds- women make far better leaders than men naturally anyway and what leadership is really all about, get back to leading people (24)


  • on being the world's authority on purpose driven leadership - goal is to inspire 90 million people around the world so that people become the prophet of their cause (28)


  • purpose is the No 1 value that engages your employees, discussing the EY study purpose first companies had a 1.4 x more productive workforce than those with profit first (29)


  • discussing what does leadership mean, not a position or a title - "leadership to me is about helping other people be the best version of themselves, so they can do their life best work while in your care and beyond” (33) 


  • discussing internships (36)

  • his book Simplified - on why he wrote it - having a vehicle of his voice and message (38)


  • discussing his ‘model business canvas’ which he has trademarked - do good first, then make money, then use that money to do good more - why does our business exist, why would they buy from you, values guide our behaviours (47)


  • moving from IQ to EQ and caring about your people is the greatest shift that has happening (53) 


  • his final message - rediscover the purpose that you started this business, offering free content to help leaders become more episode driven  

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