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we are the archetypes of our own destiny and our life, imagine the more magic that you can create for your own life - you have to cut the tape of the past and create space to move forwards"

In this down the rabbit hole episode Loren and Ed discuss the power and art of manifestation. Loren Trlin is a human behavioural specialist, serial entrepreneur, an ex-lawyer and a Life Purpose Alchemist and I'm here on this beautiful planet to love, learn and grow. My life purpose is also, funnily enough, to help you find your purpose so that you live your own definition of happiness and success.

Loren is an Australian ex lawyer living in Beverley Hills, California she had a personal awakening at the age of 23 when her dad passed away and then decided that she was only giving life according to her rules. Loren has had 6 businesses and have failed at a few of them and one of the good ones is the modern alchemist and she talks to Ed Andrew about the power of manifestation moving from possibilities to actuality, realising visions which enabled her to work with celebrity A list clients.  

Talking points with Loren Trlin and Ed Andrew on the human impact podcast.

  • what is a modern alchemist, and her journey, from real world wanting tangible results into logic, something magic, manifestation, her personal hero’s journey is that of the alchemist (3)


  • being feeling reflecting doing, with Deepak Chopra from possibility to potentiality to actuality

  • discussing how manifestation exists every day, pro athletes visualising winning, and society dismisses the idea of daydreaming and fantasising but how everything that has been created started with a dream and been brought through to physical reality (5)


  • the process of manifestation - putting a question to the universe


  • when you manifest and are not ready for it (10)


  • on being deliberate with what it is that we want to manifest, the more specific and the sooner we are a vibrational match for what we want the quicker it comes, the sub conscious beliefs match the thing that I want to draw in, "how quickly do we need to become that person to draw that in", the vibrational equivalence to what you want, finding it has nothing to do with it, as it already exists. 


  • clearing resistance and blockages (20)


  • having 2 coaches to help her and constantly looking for new methods, have an awareness of what is resisting then go and use the tools to remove the resistance and get the thing that you want that much quicker (22)


  • we all have the ability to overcome obstacles, some may be more challenging but we all have this skill and ability within ourselves, looking at nature and what our bodies do to know we can all change 


  • have to cut the tape of the past and create space to move forwards - Dr Joe Dispenza - we can be in the present moment playing out a past reality 

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