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we have to be brave and take the first step, we have to say no to the choices which no longer serve mindful that we have to get out of our own way to live as whole and complete as we are"

Devina Kaur is a fun-loving, flamboyant, straight-talking author, entrepreneur, filmmaker and inspirational speaker. Born and raised in rural India, she fought to reconcile her traditional upbringing with her ambitions. After a lifetime of being told she was too fat, too loud and too ambitious, her world fell apart in her 30s when her arranged marriage ended. Thirty years of desperately trying to be the person everyone else wanted had resulted in loneliness, depression and confusion. While looking for purpose and meaning, Devina embarked on a journey of self-discovery that led her to start the Sexy Brilliant Global Revolution.

Too Fat, Too Loud, Too Ambitious is Devina’s first book, and possibly the world’s first ever X-rated self-help book with an expected date of release early 2019. In TFTLTA, she shares her self-discovery, spiritual and sexual awakenings along with life empowerment in a candid, soul-searching way. Devina, although gifted with expression, is also ADD and writing a book did not come naturally to her. She is best described as an accidental author. Devina is a full time single mother and lives with her family in Canada. 


Devina Kaur talking points with Ed Andrew


  • on her book ‘too fat too loud too ambitious’ - a spiritual self help book, rebelling against all the things she was told she had to be (3)


  • on her purpose the sexy brilliant movement is not to alienate anyone - a movement for love  “I had to decide whether a wanted job to please my parents make money but not be fulfilled, we have to stand true to our life and purpose" (6)


  • looking for her purpose, no one is talking about mental health - “life's purpose comes the inside from how we know we ourselves” (9)


  • "the more I was recognising the more money I made the unhappier I became - we have to decide to be brave and take the first step (11)


  • on being addicted to food, sex, social media and learning - "we have to say no to the choices which are no longer working for us" (18)


  • discussing validation “be mindful that we have to get out of our own way to live as whole and complete as we are"


  • the genesis of Sexy Brilliant


  • impacting 4 billion people, ambitious but not greedy - mission is to empower people from the inside out (29)


  • on being on Millionaire Matchmaker with Patty Stanger and how it all started, finding love and the beginning of her own tv show (31)


  • discussing depression and business failure (36)


  • need to know all parts of ourselves darkness and light and practice radical self acceptance (40)


  • discussing her message, content and free courses, ‘the power of being single’ universal abundance and course on money, sexybrilliant.comto empower people we have to work through our own fears, be our own cheerleader

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