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“no-one has ever seen a u-haul trailer strapped to the back of a hearse - the only element that you can take with you is the legacy that you leave behind is that you made people happy"

“Yoseph might arguably be the most important person you have never heard of.” Sir Winfried Bischoff, former Chairman Lloyds banking group.


Yoseph Elkaim is an ex lawyer, banker and has been chief of intelligence of cyber crimes for US Department of Defence, he also writes for New York Times and Forbes, and advises IBM on financial crimes. He is also a prolific speaker and soon to be author.  He had a heart attack at work in his thirties and it changed the way he looks at life. This is a raw and powerful episode on the folly of hard charging corporate careers and the unmitigated risks that large corporates play with daily. 

Talking points with Ed Andrew

  • discussing what Sir Win Bischoff would say about him now - putting function over form and doubling down on sustainable systems


  • risk and compliance - short term green against long term greed 


  • aesthetics and optics don’t mean anything - "you are starting to see accountability which you never had before"


  • why he thinks that there has never been a better time to be a consultant 


  • gig economy - am in the reality check business - "I am not not here to say what you want but to tell you what you need, not in the business of proving me right but I can prove you wrong" (15)


  • on battling corporate hubris - "there is a one question which is unilaterally accurate - compliance is all about telling you all about where the gold is and knowing full well that you will bring the spade and hubris is that you won’t even pick up the shovel to start digging" (18)


  • maintaining consciousness and living a high charging career without any direction 


  • discussing legacy - "all of the tangible outcomes are all directly proportionate to the intangible investments - people do business with you for who you are not not because of who you are - (24)

  • getting comfortable looking in the mirror whether you are succeeding or failing (30)


  • income v success/weaLth mindset - Jeff Bezos maintained a income mindset while he created wealth - social media celebs are promoting wealth when they have nothing


  • discussing the S curve in business - all the most successful people never changed their mission statement they just changed their approach - greatest gift you can have is being agile and the ability to self audit (39)


  • lessons learned from working Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defence and Director of CIA and what is different today


  • discussing wealth and income - "if you cannot make do with no money you will not be able to make do when you have a ton of it - understanding why you belong is just as important as understanding why you don’t belong"


  • discussing cyber security and corporate governance (53)

  • how risk and failure are part of the business (57)


  • on his latest book - “Hubris, how Washington went Wall street” 

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