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“It is easy to go out and produce content, the question you should ask is do I contribute to the noise or do I add value....people will pay you if you can solve a problem for them"

Ron Malhotra is back on Human Impact with Ed Andrew and this time gives a masterclass on all things thought leadership, discussing the difference between influencers and thought leaders, how to generate high visibility high impact and combining that with deep expertise.  


Ron is the Founder of 'The Successful Male', he is a an Entrepreneur, International Speaker, an Influence & Success Expert, Award-Winning Wealth Planner, Leadership Trainer, Radio Host and a Best-Selling Author. 

Ron has dived deep into the psychology of leadership and human behaviour and has trained and been certified with leadership and success coaches such as Jack Canfield and John Maxwell. Ron as ever is empathetic, insightful, frank and deeply knowledgable. . 

  • discussing thought leadership, developing it into a business, and making a global impact quickly (3)


  • "we tend to measure the evolution of humanity based on how much tech has evolved - discussing solving existing problems and commercialising your ideas (5)


  • the three core areas - education, the mass general public or corporate market 


  • discussing crafting a message your expertise, and the 4 categories of influence, demographics and psychographics (8) 


  • the difference between become a problem expert, problems and symptoms, cause of the problem, impact of the problem and the issue of not solving the problem - Malcolm Gladwell and the concept of working 10,000 hours to be an expert


  • what is an influencer and a thought leader - facilitators not giving birth to an idea, when you surround yourself and people at that level - Jay Shetty, Lewis Howes, Seth Godin - you become associated at that level (18)


  • do I contribute to the noise or add value,?  - take a piece of information which already exists and present it in a very unique fashion 


  • being consistent as a thought leaders - links to your philosophy - must be an overarching theme that brings it all together - don’t accept status quo and want to change things for the better - why being for something is better than being an activist - go and build a solution and that eliminates something (24)


  • working out whether you really want to be a thought leader, the genesis of Ron's programs icalled "Magnify You - "if you don’t have prominence you will never get heard"........."finding our unique voice, and frameworks for that, that is where the magic happens,  there is an expectation (of thought leaders) that you have done some deep mental work, then you can associate credibility - 


  • discussing seeking impact not perfection - if you aim for perfection you get to achieve excellence, "those who are obsessed with perfection will not take their idea to the market".....  "you have to be prepared to fail embarrassingly 

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