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“when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change - you can be the second best version of someone else or the best version of you" 

Rob Howze is an Empowerment Artist with a passion for helping people unleash their highest potential. His mission is to create billions of healthy wealthy human doings by empowering people with the knowledge and tools that lead them to living healthier more prosperous lives. His current platforms consist of: inspirational music, interactive programs, multimedia presentations, youth development and public speaking presentations that encourage people to be FitRich in their lives and in their businesses.

The experience as a creative artist, personal trainer, licensed minister, public speaker, author and 20 years of personal and business development, have equipped him to speak and train on a variety of topics in various categories. Rob is the founder and Executive Director of a youth-center called World Wide Community, which was established in 2006 for the benefit of students in elementary, middle, and high school to experience various sports, athletic and academic challenges, in a positive and motivational environment. In 2010 Rob expanded the vision with “Camp Fit”, a program/reality show designed to tackle the childhood obesity epidemic by challenging and developing kids in the area of mind, body, and spirit.

Camp Fit is currently on DirecTv and reaches over 35 million homes across the world. As a motivational speaker, Rob has been developing and encouraging students for over 15 years. Rob uses innovative methods to reach and inspire young people all over the world by creating an atmosphere of awareness and accountability for students to comfortably embrace. Rob is also a national recording artist known as G.O.L.D. and has been featured on the Russ Parr Morning Show, Fresh TV, DCTV show “Dreams”, and several radio stations across the country.


Talking points


  • the paradigm sift when he was shot at 17, and developing self awareness, knowing the solution is emotional intelligence (3)


  • working with children, starting a Not For Profit, making it a reality show, watched by 35m people, discussing the origins of Camp Fit (10)


  • discussing education - getting what they really need to handle where the world is going (11)


  • the family environment is the No 1 driver for kids to change


  • discussing Camp Fit and how it works (16)


  • having a full breakdown at 25, given a Wayne Dyer tape, “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”


  • putting in 20 years of expertise - biggest learning, “listen twice as much as I talk” force yourself to listen and that also means not in your head" - listen intentionally so that you can then add value to what someone else is saying (23)


  • discussing purpose - his book the purpose search - your gifts resources, talents and passion - finding your purpose and passion what would you do if someone paid you - then find a way to make other people happy from what makes you happy (30)


  • discussing mindfulness era - explaining Experts on Stage, for people who help people, 

  • discussing mindfulness - explaining experts onstage, for people who help people, 


  • understand your message then get authentic with the message, create content around the message you want to deliver, then follow up with them, understand your why and find the content and do it consistently (39)​


  • discussing Gary Vaynerchuk and Henry Ford, both in tune with what happens before it happens, learning from developing systems and automate, how be believes that you should learn before you outsource it - Billie Jean on marketing, Frank Kern one of my favourite teachers - 


  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill - Rob wants a Nobel peace prize and a Grammy - the evolution of the mind through music, on being a singer and songwriter


  • discussing how to build up discipline and create new patterns​


  • his fulfilment formula - and he has done it - self reflection  course correction and humility, if you self reflect and not humble then see the wrong one, if you self reflect with a humble heart then you are able to see the course correction

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