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“if your personal energy is not taken care of then everything else falls apart. Your breath is like a fingerprint, what works for you does not work for everyone

Shane and Angie Saunders are world leaders in breathing, they have delivered workshops for Mindvalley and trained with fellow experts Wim Hof, Dr. Belisa Vranich, and Dan Brulé.


They talk about how breath and personal energy is core to everything and how properly mastered it leads to peak performance, Shane knows this well having been an Australian special forces soldier and now he trains them as well. Angie comes from a lifetime in the US entertainment industry as a singer and dancer and she helps professionals across industry master their performance and presentations.  We cover topics such as peak performance, grounding, transformational breathing, techniques, managing sleep, post natal depression, and even how to experience a deeper full body orgasm.

Angie and Shane Saunders talk to Ed Andrew on the Human Impact podcast.


  • discussing what moves the needle the most in health and mindset - breathing is a master reprogramming tool, install new habits and move old habits out


  • if your personal energy is not taken care of then everything else falls apart


  • discussing how Angie was in the entertainment business - auditioning for Pussycat dolls, "fake it till you make it then when you get there is a hole, noise is so loud you lose connection with yourself - there is a dance with personal energy and how to look outside ourselves 


  • using breath to ground before presenting on stage or in business - masterclass on using breath and energy (8)


  • where the focus goes the energy flows


  • discussing the difference between mouth and nose breathing, transformational energy breathing and the science (13) 


  • discussing free diving, and the balance between Oxygen and Carbon dioxide


  • if you talk a lot talking a lot for a living, we create micro deficits, you need to take a pause and breath (19) 


  • discussing how the breath leads the body, the breath leads all movement


  • breath and sleep - the air you breathe through your nose is conditioned differently - how we should nose breathe at night (26)


  • preparing for sleep - eat before sunrise, be in a fasted state when you go to sleep - (29)


  • discussing getting reconnected with nature, get connected with nature first, get circadian rhythms right, extracting energy from your environment - grounding and sunlight, consistently be in contact with 4 elements and then work back - pay attention to 4 elements 

  • discussing circadian rhythms lunar and solar cycles (40) 


  • Shane discussing training in Australian Armed Forces and special forces - relaxation was a key to performance  -  (42)


  • achieving a peak state through breath work, blueprint critical part of brain shits down ie pre front cortex shuts down and then get different sensations - sense of timelessness - the state between sleep and being awake, alpha theta states - and meditation (48)

  • Angie and post natal depression  - breathing techniques - preparing for your first baby and breath work - creating energetic connections with your child - box breathing through the nose for grounding (49)


  • “your breathing is like a fingerprint, what works for you is not for everyone -be playful"


  • hyperventilating and over breathing and breath trauma, lowering CO2 levels 


  • 61 - menstruation and breath work, energies of those 4 weeks, be reflective - how men can support that 


  • 67 - on orgasm - a woman cannot organism unless there his enough oxygen in the brain to fuel it, brain needs 25% of reserve oxygen to allow an orgasms  - women are physiologically very different - prepare for the best possible process - healing energy in sexual practice 


  • transformational breathing session as a full body orgasm - getting into that state without sex, getting pleasure from other practices and restoring the energy, so much shame and guilt coupled with sex 


  • discussing their retreats and programs 

To contact Angie and Shane click on the links below:

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