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there is nothing more pressing than dealing with motivations of humans, we have been taught to value money more than anything.

Social entrepreneur Marc Angelo Coppola talks to Ed Andrew about creating social impact and changing the narrative around social enterprise, capitalism and impacting change. Having co-founded the Valhalla Movement Foundation – Marc Angelo is a character dedicated to having an impact. Defining success in unconventional measures he has earned a living by applying the skills of entrepreneurship and marketing for a cause. Marc Angelo is also the founder behind Superhero Academy - we strive to empower social entrepreneurs and sustainable business leaders to be bold - dynamic - engaging storytellers - aka everyday superheroes - that will change the world through their actions and the movements they help inspire. Marc's thirst for exploring and the pursuit of new ideas and ways to growing the sustainability movement into a mainstream lifestyle is unquenchable.

Talking points with Ed Andrew:

  • defining a social entrepreneur


  • discussing his influences - went to school and learned everything that I did not want to be in life - everything I was learning in the real world but at school I was not learning the basics of a business - I was not going to let school getting the way of education -


  • watching a documentary a week every week for a year - to see how the world really works (5) 


  • Zeitgeist: Addendum - the most important documentary he watched - learning where money comes from - we have catered this ever growth mindset that have desecrated our planet, a million species being wiped out by climate change  


  • dedicated his time and energy to Superhero Academy and Valhalla - changing the narrative around climate change and actually doing something (14)


  • working with millennials - talking about community - snowflakes and perfection


  • discussing the need for community and looking for mentorship - learned more in a mastermind in 3 days than a degree, discussing where education is broken, mentorship based schools are where schools are going


  • discussing the real gig economy - his mastermind in Costa Rica, "people are looking for freedom but within a culture and network"


  • explaining Superhero Academy and how to build reach


  • wisdom is where knowledge meets action - "what are you willing to put your attention to and move the needle"


  • defining philanthropeur, Elon Musk and social enterprise rippling out Valhalla and Superhero academy 

  • building the school he wised to go to both physically and digitally and needs to be part of nature 


  • Valhalla - a physical gathering space where they can learn and grow, educational site on 66 acres closet farm to the city with up to 150 people (45)


  • learning to ask the right questions and talking to Peter Diamandis, "learn from those who have walked the path even if the path is not really clear" 


  • discussing what the future looks like for him - through intent you are the architects of the universe and though attention you are the engineers of your own reality" (50)

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