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“I did not overcome the loss of my limb.  To overcome the loss would mean I’d have to grow it back.  What I overcame were the limits I placed on myself and that others placed on me.  This is what is universal for all of us to overcome.

John Register is a 4 time All American athlete, veteran of two wars, US International Olympic Committee member, Paralympic Games Committee member, record breaking silver medal winning Paralympian, author and speaker. John talks to Ed Andrew on bringing awareness to disability, working with 4 US Presidents and the origins of the Invictus Games.

His powerful keynote, “Hurdling Adversity”, challenges audiences both young and old to unleash the inspiration in them.  John has been a spokesperson for Hartford Insurance Company, the American Plastics Council, the Ohio Willow Wood Company, and Disabled Sports USA.  He has been a solutions engine for more than 50 companies, and featured on numerous national television programs, to include:  PAX TV’s “It’s A Miracle” with Richard Thomas, FOX’s “The Edge” with Paula Zahn, NBC’s “Weekend Today Show” with Sara James, and MSNBC’s “Morning Blend” with Solidad O’Brian. He has also been profiled several times in The New York Times, The Washington Post, ESPN Magazine and the Washington Kid’s Post. 

Talking points with Ed Andrew on the 25th anniversary of his training accident

  • discussing his statement “Go forth and inspire your world” - (2)


  • tasks, actions and goals, "it is your own journey, being your true authentic self and showing up to inspire others"   


  • discussing how our character is revealed during the test, and how to squelch the noise and focus on your own world 


  • the power of public speaking,  studying the greats Martin Luther king, and then being yourself 


  • working with and meeting 4 US Presidents, Clinton, both Bushes, and the Obamas (14)


  • training for the Olympics 400m hurdles,  discussing his accident and the amputation, being in a wheelchair, "pain was so grave that losing his leg would get rid of the pain"


  • discussing how he still gets phantom limb sensation and pain, feel tingles in his toes and can wiggle and fan his toes, gets sensational pain and can last a week and 95% of amputees will feel this - science and research behind this but no pain killer for it - discussing mirror therapy


  • creating the near normal and his recovery- how quickly you get through the pain determines how quickly you heal (34)


  • explaining his new identity, his new fears, was going to officer candidate school - still serving in army - discussing how he gets better rights as a military veteran than a private citizen, and how he is campaigning for equality - 70% of army individual are injured outside of war and theatre (36)


  • the origins of being the new normal, the lowest point and then discussing what comes after it - his story - still diving deeper into that to release people for the missteps in their life and stop people grasping at straw


  • discussing authenticity, creating his legacy and can I create the greatest echo possible just showing up as my authentic self and let me show other that it is ok to be that 


  • the Sydney Olympics, winning silver medal at the Paralympics - most people don’t win a medal, takes a different mindset to win a medal - competing at the World championships to get the 4th place for another team USA member and then retiring (47)


  • getting involved in 2001 with Paralympics USA and being on the US Olympic committee, working with Dillon Allcott Foundation - creating  new narrative around disability - next generation of helping people with disabilities (54) 


  • how being in a wheelchair is a liberating factor


  • discussing how he was behind the origins of the Invictus Games in the US - "soldiers in war do not like to kill, soldiers in war do not fight for their country, they fight for their right to come back home safely with their brothers, it is unnatural to take life" - making reparations world military games CISM, discussing his big goal at Loughborough in UK, at 2012 London Games, 2013 Warrior Games, and Prince Harry.


  • his message "it is be ok to be who you are, reflect on who you are, it is your essence people want to see not someone else's, how he teaches this to public speakers"

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