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everything else has to work with marketing but if everything else works without marketing then nothing happens

Chris Burres has been a nano materials scientist for 30 years and through his company SES Research the world's largest manufacturer of Carbon 60. Curiously he is also the owner of eWebResults, an internet marketing company and in an effort to give back to the SEO community Chris co-created and is currently the co-host of the most popular SEO Podcast on apple podcasts The SEO Podcast – Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing” with 4 million downloads. Through this podcast, Chris is an internationally recognized SEO expert and Internet Marketing expert.


Chris talks to Ed Andrew about how an internet marketer and SEO expert selling supplements made it onto the show, as science comes first. We dive into the world of supplements, research and marketing.

Talking Points:


  • discussing what a nano materials scientist does- Linus Pauling won 2 Nobel Peace prize, being inspired by him from university


  • the difference between graphene, graphite and fullerenes - discussing the evolution of carbon materials science - won Nobel Prize 1996 Dr Smalley 


  • how carbon 60 evolved in a Paris lab test- 


  • the Paris lab test results were published in 2012 study published, how Chris has been a carbon materials scientist since 1991 


  • how Carbon 60 came to commercial use in 2017 through Youtuber Clif High 


  • regulation of supplements in USA, legally selling supplements without FDA approval, talking about the morality and legality of selling it - 


  • "there are no more customers who have not been burned by an SEO specialist" (22)

  • discussing the first 3 steps of marketing, website, personal brand, social, need email drip campaign then last is remarketing campaigns, then niche down (24)


  • why lab tests on rats - closest DNA structure to humans, the FDA and ethics (29)


  • getting consistently better sleep with carbon, biohacking data - longevity and getting blood work done  - measuring telemere lengths before taking Carbon 60. 


  • the value of sleep and detrimental things we do by getting less sleep


  • discussing sales and marketing - "everything else has to work with marketing but if everything else works without marketing then nothing happens (40)


  • the evolution of marketing and the reason they created the podcast in 2009 (41)


  • "there is a huge difference between delivering SEO value to one company and then building  company a company that can do SEO" - discussing the skills sets of building a company 


  • discussing his message "go take some courses, educate yourself, listen to the podcast so you can hold yourself accountable, the internet marking industry is changing all the time - everything is change all the time, we need an organisation which is grounded in self development”

To contact Chris click on the links below:

for your discounted bottles of carbon 60 go to with coupon code “humanimpact”

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