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“disappointment is what makes people succeed.

Scotty Schindler grew his software business in 16 years to managing more than $1 trillion of real estate, he is also a world champion amateur surfer and still ranked in the top 1,500 on the pro tour aged 48.  Nothing in his life has been accidental and this is a masterclass on strategy and learning to run a business without any mentors or guidance.


The foundation was 10 years in insurance where his US employer trained him on everything he knew, they invested more in him than his absent family. A journey which saw him earning in $1m quickly and then selling everything and living and working from his van as he travelled building is business and surfing in the morning. Supported through the entire journey by his wife he talks about building blocks of time for family around school holidays and ensuring his home life supported his business.

Talking points with Ed Andrew

  • discussing the early days, how he wanted "to be an entrepreneur" and his 10 yr plan, his success was not an accident 

  • teaching himself to code and getting onto IT and create something in technology in May 2001 - his strategy for time duplication and learning to iterate (6)


  • how to find and build your first customers 


  • having a mid life crisis at 27 and selling everything, and married then - making is first sale and building his sales strategy 

  • when to stop iterating and managing the constant request for upgrades (19)

  • created a mastermind alliance with a core group of clients 


  • "the mindset is not about the data but about making it intelligent or dumb data" - (23)


  • discussing mentoring and how he had no family support, no father in the early days, he had to work it out, discussing his strategy for growth - watching tech boom and bust did not see how long it was going to last - technology can be very fragile - understanding that any business can get evaporated instantly


  • having the growth number on the website up to $1 trillion, and growing to $100m then $1bn then $1tn


  • discussing goal setting and looking at long term and not getting rich mans disease, making money and then finding the balance - the freedom for owning your own business 


  • growing the culture and running a lean business - everyone was paid a bonuses in the company how for every sale everyone was rewarded (40)


  • leadership culture and career objective - taking deliberate action, need a clear definition of yourselves first 


  • Napoleon Hill and W Clement Stone  - success through a positive mental attitude and how W Clement Stone was his first employer, his company was his mentor


  • being amateur world champion surfer, learning how to win and manage disappointment, discussing with Layne Beachley the art of failure (50) ​


  • discussing what the future holds and his legacy, writing some books around sales and business - Business Judo, 

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