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the moment of reckoning is when you find maturity through the failure and your progress is checked radically

Radley Spring is a world champion dragon boat rower and founder of Spring Wellness and Spring Wholefoods. Ed Andrew and Radley have been friends for many years after Radley was instrumental in helping Ed beat and recover from prostate cancer in his early 40's. Radley's holistic personal training taking in mind body and spirit is the new norm is elite sports and peak performance coaching. 

Today Radley trains elite athletes, Hollywood A listers and us mere mortals from his base in Sydney, Australia.

Radley competed as an elite paddler and rower for 20+ years and has attained numerous national and international titles as well as a world record. Spring Wellness was born from Radley's desire to help others achieve a pain-free and high-energy lifestyle, with an emphasis on longevity.  

Talking Points


  • discussing his his driver for sport and hoe be believes that he is chemically built for that


  • How at 42 he is putting a time in to get a world championship time again, discussing having the internal drive and satisfaction


  • discussing consistency and how he is probably fitter now


  • the power of muscle memory, maturity, patience, wholeness of knowledge - letting go of ego (8) 


  • working with youngsters, how more coaches and trainers that have a holistic view of fitness and performance, stretching, mobility range of motion, mental approach and maturity of one's mind, meditation helping the top performers, and how it was neither available nor interesting at the time when he was younger (10) 


  • explaining how you cannot compete on a world stage unless you accept holistic training tools into your regime 


  • discussing ego, tenacious, persistent and resilient, not want to accept failure - 


  • the pursuit is the most important part and how to find balance and joy in that, "finding the cause for your own personal maximum, that should be the real goal"


  • reaching your personal pinnacle, and having integrity, there a lot of short cuts to success but see it through with integrity and doing it without the shortcuts, 

  • the time to stop and let go of ego, I stopped when I felt I reached my best and then started to work on breadth - balance and his health push from a higher foundation (18)


  • the moment of reckoning is when you find maturity through the failure and your progress is checked radically 


  • his journey as an entrepreneur - 3 day immersion challenges, nutrition and exercise, full holistic immersion 


  • the process of making sprouted breads and explaining holistic health coaching


  • where training goes wrong - where there is no customisation to their training, spend no time supporting their body, no recovery methods, not training intelligently for their own situation - "customisation is key and seeing people train based on your own needs"


  • finding a mentor and looking at your holistic picture, asking question or pointing out weaknesses - asking for help and accepting you can be vulnerable - work with someone who has been exceptional in that field 


  • discussing how he did not have the maturity to ask for help at the time he was at his peak - it is a good check for the ego and ask for help, if really too proud the really huts when you do ask but get into the habit early on.


  • discussing Spring Wellness and Spring Wholefoods, and co-creating 


  • describing the feeling of winning and channelling that winning energy 


  • humility and perspective - 


  • have a high level of commitment to yourself - integrity, optimal nutrition and his mantra "investment consistency commitment” 

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