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genes have about a 7% influence on what will happens to us and the rest is epigenetics, which means that most of our fate is under our control not because of what happened to our parents

Dr Steven Gundry talks all things nutrition, ketogenic states, gut health, the microbiome, human longevity and attaining peak health. Steven takes a deep dive with Ed Andrew on Human Impact discussing organic food, regenerative farming, the state of wellness today and the results that his patience are seeing, reversing auto immune disease. 

Steven founded Gundry MD with one mission: To dramatically improve human health, happiness, and longevity through his unique vision of diet and nutrition.


Steven is the author of New York Times bestsellers The Plant Paradox and The Longevity Paradox and has a long list of celebrity clients who rave about the success of his programs. He believes that he has discovered some unconventional truths about human nutrition.


The Gundry MD philosophy is a radical departure from the traditional dietary “wisdom”. We also talk about our families and children's health, meal planning and having a balanced vegan or vegetarian diet, the Blue Zones around the world, restorative medicine and integrating his programs into Western medicine.    

Talking Points:

  • discussing his journey into nutrition and diet  - as an undergrad studying human evolutionary biology at Yale and his encounter with Big Ed which changed his life


  • discussing the influence of our microbiome that turns genes off and on - genes have about a 7% influence on what will happens to us and the rest is epigenetics, which means that most of our fate is under our control not because of what happened to our parents


  • mindset and belief - mind body connection and equally the "body mind connection"


  • we know that the practice of yoga and mediation changes the microbiome to a more friendly micro biome evidenced by work done in India with Indian troops (15)


  • most of our neurotransmitters that produce happiness ie serotonin about 90% are produced by certain gut micro biome 


  • 90% of all cell are non human cells, constitute our micro biome, 99% of all genetic material in us is non human - we have uploaded our information and immune system to our micro biome - our fate is intrinsically tied to their fate - give our gut micro biome the food that they want to eat - (18)


  • how to keep our microbiome diverse and happy and keeping the wall of our intestines intact is the most important part of ageing - skin plasticity through collagen - the better your skin is the better your gut is keeping bad bacteria away (20)


  • probiotics are foreign they don’t become part of our native flora  - 99% of probiotics are destroyed by stomach acid - probiotics are far less important than prebiotics which is good nutrition (25)


  • discussing the Blue Zones, human longevity and the widely varying diets described by Dan Bruckner


  • discussing nutrition and how our soil is so depleted we could eat continuously and never get the nutrients we need (31)


  • organic biodynamic and regenerative agriculture - (33)


  • where to train as a nutritionist - The Institute for Functional Medicine - restorative medicine 


  • prostate cancer - vegan raw diet is one of the fundamentals for cancer - ketogenic raw vegan diet - really good evidence to get into ketosis than cancer cells get knocked out 


  • discussing women in the Longevity Paradox - who have a history of exercise throughout their lives and the reduction of alzheimers 


  • walking and reflective exercise not high impact exercise and its benefits - stroll don't run 


  • discussing his clinic, and how he is seeing 70% of his patients with an auto immune diseases and he is getting a 94% success rate in remission without drugs


  • Hippocrates - all disease begins in the gut - we have all have this innate ability to heal and every creature wants perfect health 


  • next book Plant Paradox Family cookbook in November 2019


  • discussing a balanced vegan diet and his own diet

To contact De Gundry or find out more please click on the links below

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