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“I may not be the best player on the ice but I can be the fittest, I made a commitment when I was 14yo and it is that commitment that rubs off on others.  It takes commitment and passion which includes sacrifice, energy and money.

Rick Scott is the PR genius behind Olympians, Hall of Famers and world champions such as Sarah Hammer and Dotsie Bausch, and many musicians including getting Earth, Wind & Fire for 9 years - a band that has sold over 90m albums.

Rick also goes by the name #veganhockeyplayer and is an elite athlete in ice hockey, he combines his passion for music, cycling and hockey, with wellness and nutrition.


Rick talks to Ed Andrew about his behind the scenes life of a PR master and his journey through life, his career in sports and music, his passion for wellness and nutrition, plant based living and how at 54 he is fitter than ever, still training and mentoring College Hockey players. 

Rick designs and executes full-service publicity campaigns for recording artists, concert tours, festivals, music theme cruises, record labels, athletes and a variety of music, entertainment and sports entities, brands and special events on the national, regional and local levels, including specialty markets (i.e. jazz, urban, adult pop, cycling, triathlon, etc.). He has worked with hall of fame legends, major and independent record labels, Olympians and international brands such as “American Idol,” AEG, Viagra, Cheerios, Sony, Warner Brothers, Capitol, Blue Note, Entertainment One Music, Mack Avenue Records, Maverick, Mercury and Matador Records.

Talking Points:

  • meeting Dotsie Bausch 16 years ago  in 2003, and how she competed and won an Olympic silver medal as a vegan athlete in 2012


  • discussing the movie #gamechangersmovie - talking to Dr Christian Gonzalez an oncologist on the myths around soy - prostate cancer and breast cancer still consuming dairy is a red flag 


  • on committing to being an athlete and still committed to it 40 years later - as a drummer at 16 - but being behind the scenes as a musician 


  • training elite college hockey players - on being the fittest player on the ice - discussing how younger players going plant based and dairy free - plays comes back to passion, doing anything and doing it right, requires commitment, energy, money, sacrifice (9)


  • on limiting himself at 16yo, "maybe I should not have put a cap on it myself"


  • on gratitude and his injury


  • the chance to work with Gavin Rossdale and Bush, Gwen Stefani, then Earth Wind & Fire sold 90 million albums - losing Gavin and Gwen and getting Easy Wind & Fire - working with them for 9 years - 


  • working with Dotsie Bausch and Sarah Hammer as they transitioned out of elite athletes and sport


  • working with young Canadian hockey players and what they do after elite sport - (29)


  • #veganhockeyplayer and the charity Switch4Good - switching from vegetarian to vegan, plant based - and the movie "What Cody Saw" 


  • LA Veg Fest - on a vegan athlete panel - discussing Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger - biggest IPO since 


  • Switch4Good first ever vegan plant based athlete summit - 80 athletes from around the word - inspiring people at 54 to live a healthier life (40)


  • what he learned from oncologist Dr Christian Gonzalez - his new column #veganhockeyplayer published in Jane Unchained, Switch4Good and Vegan magazine and the truth on soy - and why it works for cancer patients - soy is protective of prostate and cancer treatment and it is recommended


  • his message and the benefits of being vegan, plant based diet - on recovery as a vegan athlete and no more arthritis from a broken wrist   

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