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meditation is just exercise for your mind and heart it does not require a belief."

Stephen is the Founder & CEO of Journey Meditation, a company on a mission to help all people live happier, healthier, less stressed lives. Founded in 2015, Journey is building the world’s largest, most supportive meditation community, both online and off. The company recently released a first-of-its-kind meditation app, Journey LIVE, which offers users daily, live-streamed group meditations led by experienced and diverse teachers, along with a supportive and engaged community base. Journey also operates corporate programs with organizations ranging from Facebook, Disney, and Nike, to charter schools, hospitals, and non-profits. 

Stephen shares his entrepreneurial journey with Ed Andrew, how he fell into meditation and its benefits and the science based research that they are conducting. 

Born and raised in New York City, Stephen is a serial entrepreneur whose life’s work is to make a difference. Prior to Journey, Stephen was the Co-Founder & CEO of Altrum Honors, which helped organizations celebrate and inspire their employees. Stephen built Altrum into the global industry and sold the company in 2014. 


Talking points with Ed Andrew

  • discussing his journey and coming to Australia and setting up a new office, creating space for new opportunities and to foster creativity​

  • taking a break between projects - talking about take more time, feeling fear and let it drive me more - embrace the experience more rather than then fear (10)


  • having emotional and physical space, travelling to SE Asia, finding book on Buddhism, started to meditate, bring meditation to people in a secular way with science  - (14)  


  • meditation is just exercise for your mind and heart it does not require a belief - just follow your breath- (17)


  • connection of science and experience - it is about meeting people where they are physically emotionally spiritually financially - people are more engaged at work, combine ancient practices with science


  • started to work with organisations - Nike, Time Warner, now in 20 cities around the world - Journey Live - the first live mediation app - techcrunch called them Peloton for Meditation , people want to belong and having that community (22)


  • discussing their demographic - community classes in NY are free - still not as accessible as it should be for all people, having a freemium offer is very important - goal is to help all people live happier healthier lives - practices should not be limited to people who can pay for this - that is the ripple effect 


  • the benefits of meditation - calmer and less reactive, crate space between an event and response rather than reacting, more forgiving for myself lost 85lbs, beating himself up for eating - meditation helped him with self love and forgiveness and then with romance - discussing blockages around hiw own insecurity and self worth - sometimes meditation opens us to painful things as well (31) - 


  • corporate demographics - more law firms than any other category or industry, balance is not great for law firms but they get to incorporate practice into the fabric of their culture, tools to deal with stress and life - curating their clients and working with companies doing this in a mindful way - they don't work with box checkers   


  • working with the teachers is the most fun is the teachers  

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