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“when you live a life of no excuses you live a life of no limits"

Tracy Schmitt is the author of Unstoppable You, a tv host and TEDx speaker whose video has been watched over 60m times in 2019 alone.  She shares the speakings stage wit Jane Fonda, Dr Phil, Michael Douglas, Mel Gibson, Mark Wahlberg and John Travolta.  

Tracy is a multi award winning business coach, 2018 #1 global female transformational coach by John Maxwell, 2017 Ontario President Awards, she has been on every TV channel you can think of and is also a World Cup sailor, advises Uber and passionate disability and children's advocate.  

Tracy shares with Ed Andrew her story and journey as a quadruple amputee and how it has taken until her 40's to be recognised as an elite athlete competing at Olympic level with able bodied athletes, how she has to be an entrepreneur as no-on will give her a job due to her disability even though she has an MBA and advises Uber and Air Canada on transformation.

Talking Points

- discussing on her seminal goal cast video about never being left behind - how everybody is included (4) 

- "everyone is faced with some form of obstacle in life and I was just so lucky that I was faced with this at 5 and did not have to wait until I was an adult"


 - discussing how for everyone who is faced with a No  - ‘why’ is a trigger word and "how come" is not a trigger defensive 


"I got to learn that day that there is a place for everyone single one of us, we can make it work even the it makes sense not to be included why to Tracy No means they don’t "KNOW" - (14)


- discussing the hero complex - sometimes people put me on a pedestal and I am just drinking a cup of tea - taking each step forwards to someone in life - how to make eye contact and smiling to them and saying hello (18)


 - bullying and resilience, “how is that working for you”


- discussing reactions - you can either be sad or be sad and do something about it 


 - "so lucky that born without my arms and legs - think I was given the bonus because that was what I learned to survive- not a hero just a kid who wanted to play"


​- on being the No 1 transformation female leader for John Maxwell in 2018/19 out of 9,000


- working in disability sector but being broke doing it because everyone wants to do it for free “a room full of  standing ovation and people being inspired it is not having a home or driving a car or having a family - it is poverty”


- on being in the movie Robocop - spending 10 hours with Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman Jane Fonda, Brooke Shields,  


- on stretching herself "I want to be successful ….I need to surround myself with people who are better than me" (35)


- competing as a sailor in an Olympic qualifier and coming 7th / 30 and yet not being selected for the Paralympics (39) 


- the difference between funded athlete and unfunded athletes 


“when you live a life of no excuses you live a life of no limits” - 42, you have every right to be sad but also have a right to be sad and to do something about it 


 - discussing hiding in the boatyard and sleeping in her car to be exposed to the greatest, doing this in her 40’s climbed but she climbed the Himalayas in 1991 as a teenager 


- discussing her prosthetics - why she is an involuntary entrepreneur (52)


- on meeting her mentor JT Foxx in january 2017 after the disappointment of the Rio Paralympics 2016 and not getting there - the consequence of meeting Magnus Liljedahl and funding International Paralympic sports club  (58)


- working with JT Foxx the broken wing syndrome this will not get your rent paid


- on writing her book and speaking in Russia and using the money to work with kids and charity in orphanages across Russia , discussing how the only part limiting her was herself - working in Uganda, Nepal Jamaica - how money enables her to make a much bigger difference than before, 

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