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Insight and takeaways from Brian Wallace talking to Ed Andrew

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On NDA's  - Don't be an entrepreneur that loses your start up before you get going by being so caught up in the notion that someone will steal your idea - 
On social media virality - don't be obsessesed with the short game, established brand presence enables the ability to predict virality. 

Brian Wallace studied pre-law and considered being an internet lawyer but became a technologist instead.  Now founder and CEO & founder of Nowsourcing the largest infographics business in the US and a board member for Google's SME program. We discuss everything about his journey as an entrepreneur, creative thinking, the tips he gives would be entrepreneurs, attending SXSW in Austin Texas which is like the World Fair for music, film and interactive, the rise of linkedin as a business social network, predicting virality of social media posts based on brand presence and technology in general.

  • For entrepreneurs especially in tech and software if you don't have a good lawyer then find one as it is very easy to get your fingers burned.

  • It is super important to stand up for yourself because you will be pushed around.

  • It is so important to get your first client - talk to as many people as you can, when you quit do so with a business plan, know what to charge, know your product and sales pipeline.

  • You have to be good at sales, negotiation, a lot of people are not cut out for that and if so then find a co-founder

  • Read Jon Acuff's book Quitter before you quit your day job and allow your dream to grow first. Note Adam Grant and Warby Parker.

  • Viral posts are just a rapid amplification in a way that was not expected, Brian managed just under 1m views for free just by having good content.

  • On Linkedin - it is not cool like Facebook, it is like the “weird uncle” - active status and native video are the biggest game changers - messaging brings you into a connection's walled garden.

  • There is an age demographic shift on linkedin - bringing in better mobile and video, massive boost of under 35's and bringing their friends along - they get personal branding regardless of what they are doing in the world.

  • On developing a linkedin masterclass with Manu Swish Goswami. 

  • Viral posts are just a rapid amplification in a way that was not expected, Brian managed just under 1m views for free just by having good content.

  • You can predict the virality of a social media post of you are in it for the long game - when you have build strong brand presence, that brand creates virality wit good content. 

  • In March 2016 Brian launched the first AR (augmented reality) infographic and he is more excited about AR than VR but tech platforms are not ready for mass distribution. Think "Back to the Future" and a brand's ability to interact with you directly based on your behaviour in real time - facial recognition needs to be better.

  • Interviewing tips - pushing hard to see the reaction to questions, he wants to see how they will perform in their day job, resumes can be gamed, interviews are not suited to everyone. You can train most people but character is most important - there is no room for toxic egos. 

  • Lawyers have a certain way of analytical thinking that creatives don’t always get exposed to - everyone has innate creativity and lawyers should tap back into it and harness it, sometimes we need a different kind of linear thinking to get through the day, please be creative - even lawyers can be.

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