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Ed Andrew podcast image with Ben Bradbury

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"Vision without execution is hallucination"

Ben's favourite quote by Simon Sinek. 

Takeaways from Ed Andrew talking to Ben Bradbury.

Ben Bradbury is the New York based marketing director of Glisser, a facilitator and trainer with General Assembly and the founder of his own digital media and branding business.  At 23  he has only ever worked in start ups and is representative of many of his generation carving our their career at an early age and already an expert in social media marketing especially professional channels such as linkedin.  In this era of unlimited free content we discuss how to build a personal brand across social media, how to brand and market using professional social media channels for business and how to gauge viral posts. Ben is also passionate about environmental sustainability and discusses his plans to found a for profit B corporation.


  • Discusses the different reception to new products in the UK and US, Americans are more positive and have a glass half full mentality.


  • On his 12 month journey from an internship in London to being being in Queens, New York and the marketing director. 


  • In a start up he has the opportunity to learn an incredible amount in a very short time, including basic coding 


  • On going to university - he honed his copywriting skills and it was big shift in his personal development and character, not a waste of time or money.


  • How amazed he is at how many young professionals many years younger than him are seeing the rewards of the work they have already put in by not going to university. Aka Manu Goswami the 19year old sharing the stage with Gary Vaynerchuk, already a UN ambassador and Forbes top 20 under 20 in Canada.

  • Look at the reasons for going to university it can be an incubator for ideas - internships and apprenticeships are so critical - no real life commitments and loads of energy to go and experiment and figure what works for you.


  • On being a 23yo head of marketing at an international start up.


  • There is a big land grab on sites such as linkedin with 300 million active monthly users but only 1% post consistently per month.


  • On how enterprise and SME can effectively use linkedin as free content distribution through company influencers.


  • How to encourage people to post when they afraid of posting content. 


  • Linkedin especially rewards people who are vulnerable and who open up and are authentic, it enables deeper longer lasting relationships.


  • The quality gets diluted on facebook and instagram.


  • Linkedin is not a sales platform but you can use it as part o your lead generation and sales funnel.


  • How to earn the attention of your customers without being invasive by earning not commanding it.


  • Every post must have a call to action.


  • Discussing when and where to use bots and automation in marketing.


  • How to create your personal brand and understand what the world sees of your own digital footprint and brand through search engines like Google. Being omnipresent across digital channels.​


  • On presenting at "Linkedin local" meetups and the power of networking.


  • “there will come a time when your name is spoke for the very last time” no amount of money, fame or fortune will matter, it will be defunct. So what impact did you leave on the planet - for him it is sustainability and the protection of our planet, that is his calling.


  • To create a Benefit Corporation such as Ben & Jerry and Patagonia, put people and planet before profit.

  • Role models such as Courtney and Carter Reum and Veev spirits.

To contact Ben please email him or click on the links below.

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