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"You are your brain, when your brain changes, you also change the associations, patters and behaviours"

Takeaways from Ed Andrew talking with Silk Glaab.

Silk Glaab is organisational psychologist, neuroscientist and has trained in NLP and RTT hypnotherapy, the latter with the world's foremost practitioner Marisa Peer.  From Dubai she talks to Ed Andrew about building stress resilience at home and work, how to create new patterns and neural pathways, in essence changing our brain chemistry and producing a positive mindset. How this works in business to overcome fears of public speaking and how we can change human behaviour.  We also touch on Artificial intelligence and the neuroscience of nature.  We also discuss the interconnection between meditation and the brain, how we slow down and create a space between our conscious and sub-conscious mind. 


  • On working with Professor Dr Manfred Spitzer in Germany and her journey though neuroscience and organisational psychology.


  • Working with Professor Dr Kennedy in Dubai, understanding how to build stress resilience and the connection between neuroscience, meditation and spirit. (16.00)


  • Explaining the different parts of the brain and how to control our emotions (19.30)


  • tips for making presentations at work, speeches, how the prepare and change a negative thought pattern and make a positive long term impact (23.00)


  • Explaining the tools to stimulate positive feelings (24.58) 


  • The difference between coaching and therapy to root out the cause of fear (30.36) 


  • Creating new neural pathways and accelerating the process of learning (33.00)


  • The neuroscience of being in nature (36.30) 


  • Creating a positive mindset and linked behaviour (40.00) 


  • How 'a leopard can really change its spots'  (48.40)

  • On perception and cultural sensitivities of working in Dubai with a cross ection of nationalisities (54.00)


  • She explains her practice and the techniques she uses (60.00) 


  • On artificial intelligence and climate change (61.50)

To contact Silk please click on the links below.

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