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“don't worry about what everyone else is doing on social media, do what comes naturally to you and people will love you - you will attract people who resonate with your style and that is key"

Takeaways from Ed Andrew talking with Daniel Gefen.

Daniel Gefen is a serial entrepreneur, dual podcast host, founder of podbooker and author of Self Help Addict. He now lives in Israel with his wife and 4 (about to be 5) children and found his way there from London via California. Daniel is on an outspoken voice on social and digital media and his show 'Can I pick your brain' was one of the hottest podcasts in town with Tom Bilyeu, Noah Kagan and Naveen Jain amongst many other celebrities and entrepreneurs. His new business podbooker helps the 99% of people who will never get booked on the big shows to expand their reach, refine their art and get noticed.

In a very entertaining talk we cover everything from the joys of podcasting, tips for podcast guests to the impossibility of creating truly original content or ideas. He also shares his journey as an author and how writing was the hardest thing he has ever done - he compares it to giving birth (not that he has done so but has seen a few) - but why he is going to write his second book.  He is passionate about encouraging everyone to find and share their voice, to not be afraid of imperfection and not worry about what others think.    


  • discussing long and short form podcasts and the reasons for each (1.45)


  • on why he wrote the Self Help Addict - he had the book in him for 10 years and why after the pain of the first he will write another  (6.15)

  • "it drives me crazy when people have found success in one form and then preach that it is the only  - why he disagrees with Tim Ferriss (9.00)


  • On having the attitude of just do it, launch it and and you can always edit the bad parts later (12.00)


  • On his second podcast show and being bombarded by constant thoughts in head - people will fall in love with your authenticity, when it is natural and raw - (14.20)


  • you don’t need to please everyone, 3 camps love what you do your fans, haters, you realise you are successful when you get haters, 3rd group just don’t care and they have no opinion of you, focus on the first group - got to be polarised and be open about your opinion (20.00)


  • on creating original content and Simon Sinek, he is unique because they fell in love with his style and that is what counts (25.45)


  • “what other people think of you has nothing to do with you” (28.45)


  • do more, put yourself out more, developing thick skin and resilience, "getting on other people podcasts has helped me hone my message and articulate my thoughts, get me to understand myself better" (32)


  • on creating podbooker (34)


  • what he looks for in guests - have to have a great story, being a storyteller is a complete game changer, you must share a story and share it (37)


  • his theme is about take imperfect action, just get on with it, put yourself out there  (41) 


  • how to run a show and getting stage fright, be natural and it flows (45)


  • on mentoring and having a supportive environment, encourage you to do what you dream of doing, (53)​


57 - why his own book inspired him the most  - "I had to dig myself, rip myself inside out writing out, the tears I shed writing, read 1,000’s of books - for his second book go to the same place, anything that is worthwhile producing hurts it is painful" 

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