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"Everyone needs the support of someone to help you on your journey as an entrepreneur, and to challenge you "

Takeaways from Ed Andrew talking to Loren Trlin 

Loren Trlin is an Australian former corporate lawyer turned serial entrepreneur. After closing her first venture the service marketplace Buzzy she took time out to reflect and gain new direction which culminated in her launching her online training and coaching platform to help people find meaning and purpose to careers and life.  She also consults to SME's and her focus now is on human consciousness and to get to understand human beings and behaviour to the full extent she can. In a very candid interview she discusses how although she never really enjoyed studying law she learned some core skills which she still applies today as a business woman and founder. We explore the mindset of success and how she plans and strategises years in advance, how finding good mentors or supporters are critical and curiosity plays says a key part in learning and exploring new business ideas.

  • The core skills she learned as a lawyer were critical thinking, discipline and strategy.


  • A university degree may open more doors but she does not think she needed it to be successful.

  • University was a time to become more self aware and to grow rather than learn law. Those who start work at 18 gain years of life and business experience of trial and error on their graduate friends.


  • She always wanted to run her own business and started tinkering with her parents business at high school. she sees opportunities ad goes for it.  


  • All human beings are curious and that can be taken out of us at work, and we have to re-create that later in life.


  • Loren has invested over $150,000 in her future and personal development to be a better person and entrepreneur.


  • One of the hardest things is to give yourself time and space to grow and reflect but also critical to success.

  • You have to mark your on territory, be strong and grounded to demand that space.


  • Even in law the path to success does not need to be linear, you can create your own rule book.


  • Entrepreneurship is about being good at many things and being able to clearly articulate your thinking process.


  • She is an opportunist and also a planner, having an 18 month strategy to leave law.


  • Having a mentor and supporter has always been critical to decisions she has made.  Mentees need to drive the relationship and invest in it fully. 


  • We need to be better at learning when to communicate when we need help and further you go the more help you need and people to learn from. 


  • Go out and explore and learn as much as you can from advisers and then reflect and listen to your intuition.


  • Understand what the alarm bells are and make sure they are not a false alarm, such as an ingrained thought.


  • Reading Seth Godin's The Dip. She shut down her marketplace Buzzy, was not drawn to it any more. It took 6 months to work through shutting it down. Very hard when there was lots of media coverage, and people are observing you and what you do next, as an individual it is very awkward and hard to manage.


  • You cannot always be happy as life throws many things at you but you can maybe be content and she saw so many unhappy people at work, it fuelled her own interest and drive.


  • We are conditioned to avoid pain and pressure at all costs, but you have to get uncomfortable to move forward, to walk away from things which no longer serve us and that is painful, as humans we want to avoid confrontation and have a huge fear of loss. 


  • Her coaching is part science based and mainly experiential.


  • The scale of the US market and the abundant opportunities are what attracts her, they have an expansiveness and positivity to way they approach things and this pushes her own boundaries of thinking.


  • Her advice to juniors - always pay for the investment to learn and make sacrifices. All the money she spent has opened my world completely - need to be very proactive and strategic and invest in yourself before you take that risk or prevent yourself from taking the risks.


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