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Insights and takeaways from Milan Gandhi talking to Ed Andrew

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"I feel that the label of being a lawyer is pretty loose.....I don't see how it really would stifle my creativity or prevent me being an entrepreneur"

Milan Gandhi is a Brisbane based law student and technology entrepreneur. He won Australian law student of the year in 2017, is a director and founder of the Legal Forecast a not for profit advancing law through technology and innovation. He recently staged the Disrupting Law hackathon and is soon to start work as a solicitor. We talk about entrepreneurship, technology and the future of work, sports law and his upcoming trip to India and how he started his studies in film.  Milan is a whirlwind of positive energy and enthusiasm. This episode is a must for anyone thinking of entering law or those who may have misplaced their passion and zest for life and learning.

  • On winning Australian Law Student of Year having been runner up the year before.

  • Developing confidence and finding passion.

  • Moving from studying film and tv, storytelling to a career in law. Seizing opportunities to study and travel overseas such as sports law in India and space law in Vienna.

  • Workplace bullying and mental health in elite sports.  

  • The natural creativity that we all have is ever present in lawyers but curiosity helps to develop it. 

  • Looking at creativity and critical thinking in the legal world - led to the Disrupting law hackathon.

  • Having many interests and areas of diverse knowledge creates innovation.

  • The winners of the legal hackathon in 2016 led to them creating a business -

  • There are so many opportunities to learn and develop as a young lawyer and entrepreneur.

  • Learned in film school and in the writers room to pitch ideas and write but most importantly to let them percolate, to have patience and to learn when to quit, when and how to fail fast.

  • Young lawyers are more concerned with their training contracts than focussing on partnership and long term career planning. Will partnerships even exist in BigLaw in the future?

  • We discuss how technology will impact law and legal careers, automation and Milan's discussion with Conrad Everhard from Flatiron Law Group. The impact of machine learning on ethics and social responsibility.

  • How legal marketplaces are creating opportunity for sole practitioners rather than taking jobs.

  • Develop intellectual curiosity and optimism.

  • To safeguard the relevance of the profession we need to go back to legal education and find out how to make people more holistic advisers.

If you would like to contact Milan please do so below or email him:

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