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Are you ready to join the 1% who have truly aligned their work and life?

take control of your future now and start your own life transformation

Our signature career and life training program

"I had a friend ring me today and said to me after she listened to you, how inspiring she found you" Belinda Kerr, Sydney. 

Meet Ed Andrew, your teacher and guide.

Ed is the founder of the Human Consultancy and your teacher, although he generally prefers to be called a guide.. He is also the host of the Human Impact podcast interviewing leaders around the world bringing humanity to work and life.


As one of the world's leading recruitment entrepreneurs he has helped over 10,000 people manage their careers across 4 continents over 15 years. He is also a serial entrepreneur having founded businesses in London, Sydney, Delhi and Bali, Indonesia in recruitment, technology, fashion & ecommerce.  His businesses have generated $10m's in revenue and seven figure profits.  He is also a technology investor and long term business consultant to high growth tech and non tech start ups and global corporations.

On the human side Ed life has not always been straightforward. Ed is a cancer survivor and after a fluke discovery of prostate cancer at 42 Ed set about to better understand human behaviour, the relationship between stress and illness and how to live a more fulfilled stress free life, while still being active as a businessmen. This process of clearing cancer from his body took years of learning, healing, meditation, research and understanding how to be a better human.  He brings all of his life experience to his teaching with one purpose which is to inspire people to learn, take action and change to live their highest possible life.

What do I get

  • breakthrough training with one of the world leading career and life experts

  • over 7 hours of training, 6 modules, 23 lectures and additional videos

  • weekly live q&a with our founder Ed Andrew

  • a step by step system to guide you through your career transformation

  • no time limit - everyone is different so take as much time as you need

  • a full downloadable course with video lectures, workbooks and slides

  • you will have all the tools you need to find the career and work that best supports you and a life full of abundance, easily able to manage your stress and live a calmer and more fulfilled life.


Lila Smith, New York - founder #saythingsbetter, communication coach, speaker

Everyone should take this course before they communicate with anyone

Who is it for

  • you are unhappy or stressed in your job

  • you feel lost about your work and career

  • you are thinking about a side business but don't know where to start

  • you are stressed and frustrated at work

  • your personal life is beginning to be affected

  • you want to learn how to live a better life

  • you keep making the same mistakes 

  • you are not sure if you have the right support from friends and family

  • you want to make changes but don't know how

  • you are not sure what your passion and purpose is

  • you have a dream and goals but you never quite achieve them

  • you know investing in your happiness makes perfect sense

  • Module 1 - Identifying your skills and building your masterplan to thrive.
    By the time you have finished the first module in week 1 you will have understood what your mission is, learned how to build your career masterplan and how to stay on track. lesson 1 - Introduction video and tips to take the course lesson 2 - Setting the groundwork and giving yourself time and space lesson 3 - Defining your why and asking what I want to achieve lesson 4 - Identify your core skills and interests lesson 5 - Finding the skills you love and why you dont always use them lesson 6 - Designing your career masterplan
  • Module 2 - Defining and understanding your mission, passion and purpose"
    Module 2 explains the difference between mission, passion and purpose and how the first two change over time, how you can connect with each. By the end of the module you will have a thorough understanding of what has been holding you back and empowers you to begin to take responsibility for your future goals which support you. Lesson 1 - Understanding your mission, passion and purpose Lesson 2 - Learn to be accountable and accept responsibility Lesson 3 - Learn to release the handbrake, is it your industry, your employer, your job or you?
  • Module 3 - Finding the freedom to move forwards, clearing any obstacles to growth, finding your true voice and managing stress."
    In this module you will learn the major obstacles to growth, how you can identify them, how stress impacts you and how you can learn to manage it, and why having the freedom to express your true self is far more enjoyable than the pain of being silent. 1. The obstacles to success and learning what freedom means. 2. Re-wiring your brain chemistry to create new supportive patterns and behaviour. 3. The process of change and how story telling can add fuel to negative thoughts. 4. The impact of stress and why it is impossible to separate work and life. 5. Being able to express your true self and why authenticity matters. 6. Learning to slow down, exercise, meditation and reducing stress
  • Module 4 - Creating a supportive environment, overcoming your fears and banishing energy vampires."
    This module is clearing space for change, it will allow you to understand how your mood and behaviour impacts others and how you can create a supportive environment and learn how to banish and manage those people who hurt you. 1. The most common fears and how you can oversome them. 2. Understanding how your mood affects you and others. 3. Creating a supportive environment for change and for the future. 4. Managing energy vampires and learning how and when to say no.
  • Module 5 - This module further develops your self awareness, understanding your patterns and behaviours and creating the mindset and heartset to thrive. We take a deep dive into expectations and perception."
    We cover two of the hardest topics that most people struggle with, expectation and perception of ourselves and others, we also take a deep dive into recognising and managing alarm bells, your intuition. By the end of this module you will have mastered the skills of self awareness that you can repeat forever to be less reactive and more present. 1. Understanding self awareness and why it is so important. 2. Identifying and resolving red flags and alarm bells. 3. How managing expectations and perceptions creates better outcomes. 4. Why great leaders think less and feel more.
  • Module 6 - A mini masterclass in networking and securing the job and career that you love.
    1. Designing your career masterplan and visualising you dream job. 2. Being present and why great leaders talk less and listen more. 3. My networking tips and how to secure the job you love. 4. My closing video.

Silke Glaab, founder Silk Celia, neuroscientist and psychologist. Dubai, UAE.

What convinced me about the course is that Ed has 25 years experience in managing careers of over 10,000 people in over 36 locations across the world. Additionally, Ed endeavored on a 6 year long personal journey of healing and self awareness. His course empowers you passionately step by step towards achieving your goals in work and life. And on the way you learn so many important skills like emotional resilience, stress relief, how to banish your fears, and develop new habits.

 helping thousands of people around the world

10,000 + people helped

across 4 continents 

$10m+ revenue

30+ countries

Who is it not for

  • if you are happy to keep on job hopping

  • if you believe that most things are other people's fault

  • if you are not prepared to put in some hard work

  • if you want other people to change and not you

  • if you often find you know more than the experts 

  • if you are great at giving advice but never take it

"this course empowers you passionately step by step towards acheiving your goals in work and life"

our refund guarantee

We want you to be happy and take all the risk away from you from joining our courses.  It rarely happens but if you decide that our course is not for you we offer a full refund, no questions asked, within the first 30 days of enrolling. 

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